Pyo Jung-wook: Crash (2024) character explained

In Crash, Pyo Jung-wook, played by Kang Ki-doong, turns out to be behind the car accident for which Yeon-ho was blamed.

Pyo Jung-wook is the son of the Deputy Commissioner General of the police force, who later gets promoted to Commissioner General. 

Jung-wook works closely with Chairman Yang, an influential man who is also the father of his childhood friend, Jae-young. 

These connections have kept him from being convicted for the crimes he has committed, and as a result, people like Yeon-ho had to pay the price.

Lee Hyun-soo’s murderer

When Jung-wook was younger, he caused an accident while driving his father’s car without a license. His friends, Jae-young and Kyung-soo, were also in the car with him. 

His reckless driving resulted in Yeon-ho hitting a couple with his car. The woman, Lee Hyun-soo, was pregnant and badly injured. 

As Yeon-ho and Hyun-soo’s husband were unconscious after the accident, Jung-wook and his friends tried to flee the scene, but Hyun-soo saw them. 

She begged for their help, but instead of helping her, Jung-wook decided to save himself by running her over with his car to kill her.

Jung-wook’s father, Myung-hak, saved him by using his position to convince Yeon-ho that he was the one who killed Hyun-soo. 

Myung-hak buried all evidence and turned his son and his friends into witnesses. He also had Kyung-soo take the blame for driving the car. 

Jung-wook was allowed to walk free after brutally killing a pregnant woman. He then went abroad to study, while Yeon-ho grappled with the guilt of a crime he did not commit.

Facing punishment

Years later, Hyun-soo’s husband discovers the truth about the accident and decides to bring his wife’s killers to justice. 

He sends copies of a news article about the accident to all those involved in the case. Jung-wook and Jae-young suspect Kyung-soo, who is now a truck driver.

Jung-wook and Jae-young constantly harass Kyung-soo, knowing that their fathers’ power and influence protect them from the consequences of their actions.

Soon after, Jae-young is killed, and Kyung-soo, who has nothing left to lose and desperately needs money, blackmails Jung-wook. 

Jung-wook leaves it to his father to deal with Kyung-soo while he continues living his life without fear of consequences. 

While driving under the influence, he hits a man and then deliberately causes So-hee’s father’s accident when he tries to stop him from fleeing. 

Crash Pyo Jung-wook
Jung-wook deliberately crashes into So-hee’s father

So-hee’s father is severely injured, but Jung-wook evades punishment yet again when someone else takes the blame for the accident, just as Kyung-soo did in Hyun-soo’s case.

When Hyun-soo’s husband gets a confession from Kyung-soo and uses it to threaten Jung-wook, Jung-wook turns to Chairman Yang for help. 

Chairman Yang tries to have Hyun-soo’s husband killed, but So-hee and her team manage to save him and arrest Jung-wook. 

This time, Jung-wook cannot get away, as So-hee and her team also rescue Kyung-soo, who testifies against Jung-wook.

Jung-wook is charged with multiple crimes, including attempted murder. As the news becomes public, Jung-wook’s father also abandons him to save his career. 

Jung-wook finally faces punishment for all the crimes he committed now that he does not have anyone protecting him.

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