Pyo Myung-hak: Crash (2024) character explained

Pyo Myung-hak uses his influence to conceal his son’s crimes. In Crash, Heo Jung-do plays Myung-hak.

When Pyo Myung-hak was the police chief of the Eunseong Police Station, his son, Jung-wook, drove his car with his friends despite not having a license.

Jung-wook’s reckless driving resulted in an accident. To protect himself, he killed Hyun-soo, one of the victims who had seen him and his friends. 

As the police chief, Myung-hak was able to blame Yeon-ho for Hyun-soo’s death. He convinced Yeon-ho to confess to the crime, allowing Jung-wook to walk free.

Kyung-soo, one of Jung-wook’s friends who was with him when he killed Hyun-soo, had also been forced by Myung-hak to take the blame for driving the car without a license in Jung-wook’s place. 

Misusing his position

Years after the accident, when Myung-hak is the Deputy Commissioner General, he receives a copy of the news article about the accident case. 

He receives the copy because Hyun-soo’s husband, Kim Hyun-min, discovers the truth about the accident and starts punishing those who wronged his wife. 

Hyun-min kills Jung-wook’s friend, Jae-young. When Myung-hak finds out that Jae-young’s death was not an accident, he assigns the case to Chae-man. 

Chae-man was in charge of Hyun-soo’s case and was not allowed to investigate properly, leading Myung-hak to suspect him.

Myung-hak then gets promoted to the position of Commissioner General, giving him greater power to conceal his son’s many crimes. 

Soon after, when Kyung-soo blackmails Jung-wook, Myung-hak has him attacked. Kyung-soo is then kidnapped by Hyun-min.

Things get more difficult for Myung-hak when Hyun-min gets a confession from Kyung-soo that implicates Jung-wook. 

Jung-wook and Myung-hak suspect that Hyun-soo’s father, Lee Jung-sub, is behind Kyung-soo’s disappearance. Chairman Yang asks Myung-hak to let handle Jung-sub.

Crash Pyo Myung-hak
Myung-hak refuses to let Chairman Yang attack Jung-sub

However, Myung-hak wants to manage the situation through legal means. He has a corrupt officer, Tae-ju, who has replaced Chae-man, working on the case for him. 

Tae-ju is asked to ensure that the culprit is caught and Kyung-soo is found without exposing Jung-wook’s crimes.

Despite his father’s advice, Jung-wook decides to take matters into his own hands. He plans to have Hyun-min killed with Chairman Yang’s help. 

This leads to the arrest of both Jung-wook and Chairman Yang, and Myung-hak’s past concealment of his son’s crime comes to light. 

As Myung-hak’s reputation suffers, he severs ties with Chairman Yang and abandons his son. He testifies against his son to protect himself. 

However, Myung-hak has to bear the consequences of his actions, as Jung-wook confesses in court that his father concealed his crimes.

In addition, his trusted officer, Tae-ju, sends evidence of his corrupt activities to the Senior Superintendent General, resulting in Myung-hak being sentenced to twelve years in prison.

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