Hard Feelings summary and ending explained

Hard Feelings (Hammerharte Jungs) is a German teenage comedy film that follows two best friends, Charly and Paula, navigating sexual awakenings in high school. In a curious twist of fate, their genitals start talking to them after an incident, causing their lives to derail. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

Hard Feelings opens by introducing Charly, a regular kid who his peers often bully as they call him “Charly no dick”. In a flashback, we see that some boys at the pool pulled down his trunks when they were kids and started calling him the name due to his small penis. Unfortunately, it stuck through the years.

Enter Paula, Charly’s best friend and also a sexually awkward teenager who misses her late father. The two are virgins but find solace in each other’s company as they share everything.

One night while hanging out on the roof, the two are hit by lightning. They suffer no injuries, but Charly has a rude shock awaiting him. The next morning he realizes that his penis can talk to him.

Experiencing a barrage of emotions, he avoids Paula and rushes to school. During a choir performance, Charly gets an erection in front of the whole school and instantly becomes popular for his size and acceptance of hormonal urges.

As his penis urges him to seek sex, Charly gets attention from the hot French exchange student Françoise as well as the most popular girl in school, Marlene. However, he is disturbed because his parents are on the verge of separation.

Not too happy about his talking genital situation, Charly has some respite when his penis promises that it’ll stop talking forever once he loses his virginity.

Elsewhere, we discover that Paula has also been talking to her vagina (vulva, to be more precise) after the lightning incident. She asks Charly to have sex when they hang out, but the two refute the prospect soon after, not wanting to jeopardize their friendship.

Meanwhile, Marlene shows interest in Charly due to his sudden popularity and invites him to her house party. However, her ex, Constantin, the most popular guy in school, isn’t invited. In a clever move, he decides to shower Paula with attention, so she takes him to the party as her date.

Hard feelings ending explained in detail:

What happens at the party?

Charly goes to the party with Françoise, and Marlene isn’t too happy about it. Paula and Constantin show up soon after. Things get loud and alcohol takes over.

Paula hears some girls talking about her in a demeaning way as they call her a slut who takes money for sex (this is due to them seeing her in a sex shop earlier).

She tells Constantin that she doesn’t want to sleep with him, but he sneaks her into a room regardless. They make out, and before anything can happen, Constantin is revealed to have a small penis and premature ejaculation problems.

He apologizes to Paula, who assures him that he has nothing to worry about. She knows that rumors are painful and she won’t spread any about him.

Unfortunately, Constantin is too desperate to uphold his image and boasts to his friends about sleeping with Paula. He also calls her a sex addict and maniac in bed.

Charly gets extremely drunk, abandons Françoise, and ends up naked in Marlene’s bed. The next morning she posts pictures with him and tells him that they slept together. Charly and his penis talk about it and agree that they don’t remember it.

What does Pual have to face?

As Charly starts hanging out with Marlene, rumors about Paula’s sex addiction and services spread like wildfire through the school. The former becomes popular whereas Puala starts crumbling.

She confronts Constantin, who rudely states that even if Paula tries to tell people the truth about his penis problems, no one is going to believe her over him.

Distraught, she tries to ask Charly for help, but he is too drunk on his recent fame and girlfriend to notice. Eventually, we see Marlene and Constantin talking to each other, and the two start flirting again.

It is revealed that they gave attention to other people to make each other jealous. Charly finally gets the reality check he needs when Paula catches Marlene making out with Constantin in the school bathroom.

She points him in the right direction but doesn’t want to see his face ever again.

What is Charly’s plan?

The young boy with a talking penis is distraught. He loses his so-called girlfriend and his best friend. His parents stop living together and he forgets to prepare for his final exams.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t write anything during the exam and fails. Disturbed, he goes to a discreet location under a bridge and tries to hurt his penis with a glass bottle. As the genitalia begs for mercy, Charly notices Paula about to jump off the bridge.

He goes to confront her, and they finally realize that they’ve both been talking to their privates. Charly helps Paula climb back, but she is too heartbroken to forgive him.

He asks his dad for advice and is told that he needs to keep reminding Paula how sorry he is and how much he cares about her. In return, Charly asks his father to not give up on his marriage.

He meets his best friend and apologizes. Furthermore, he even comes up with a plan to get back at Marlene and Constantin at the high school dance. Paula agrees to help him but refuses to forgive him for ignoring her.

What happens at the dance?

The duo enters the dance venue, and Paula asks for the plan. The first step includes getting Françoise in on it. Therefore, Charly needs to apologize to her.

Paula initiates the conversation, and Charly admits he is sorry and blacked out due to the alcohol. He truly doesn’t remember abandoning her. Paula finally asks her to teach an actual bully a lesson, and she agrees.

We then see Françoise seducing Constantin on the stage. As she kisses him and removes his pants, Charly and Paula open the curtains. The entire school sees Constantin naked and starts chanting, “Consti no dick”.

Paula and Charly find this to be heartbreaking and realize that they’re no better than the bullies. Finally, they get up on stage and take off their pants to force the message of no shaming, which results in positive applause.

Do Paula and Charly end up together?

Once all this is done, Marlene is flustered and breaks up with Constantin. Also, Paula breaks the lights on his bike for calling her a slut. Françoise calls Paula and Charly the coolest kids in school and offers a threesome.

Even though it is tempting for their genitals, Charly admits he’s saving himself for a special girl. As they are about to say their goodbyes, Charly pulls Paula towards him and they kiss.

They eventually have sex, and their privates stop talking. Charly’s parents start rekindling their relationship and go on a date. Finally, Paula and Charly start dating, and we see them drive away to go on a trip.

The film ends with them on the road and their genitals speaking up again, forcing them to scream.

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