Halloween Ends ending explained: Does Lauri finally kill Michael Myers?

The thirteenth entry into the Halloween franchise, this film is a sequel to 2021’s Halloween Kills and picks up four years after the events of its predecessor. It follows Lauri Strode, who awaits the serial killer Michael Myers to resurface. Meanwhile, another deadly threat emerges in the town of Haddonfield.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Halloween Ends kicks off in 2019, a year after Michael’s killing rampage, and focuses on a high school senior, Corey Cunningham. 

He babysits a young boy named Jeremy, who locks Corey in the attic as a prank. As he tries to break free, Corey accidentally pushes the kid off the balcony, killing him.

The townsfolk, who are paranoid and suspicious of everything since Michael vanished without a trace, believe that Corey deliberately murdered the child. 

We then jump to 2023, where Lauri is working on a new memoir to try and overcome her traumatic past with the serial killer. She lives with her granddaughter, Allyson. 

Corey’s life after the tragic incident with Jeremy has turned into a nightmare. The town bullies and looks down upon the young man as they have no one to target with their apprehensions, given Michael’s disappearance.  

They also blame Lauri for what Michael did and believe she instigated him. She eventually takes a liking to Corey after observing him injure himself trying to get away from some high school bullies. 

Lauri then takes him to the doctor’s where Allyson works, and the two hit it off. They head out to a Halloween party, but Corey’s happiness is short-lived. 

Jeremy’s mother notices the boy and confronts him. Corey leaves and runs into the same bullies who beat him up and toss him off a bridge. 

Halloween Ends ending explained in detail:

Where is Michael Myers?

After Corey falls, he is dragged into the sewers by none other than the notorious serial killer. It is revealed that Michael had been living there since his last murderous spree. 

He almost kills Corey but decides to let him go. After having flashes of death and murder, Corey escapes Michael’s lair and runs into a homeless man who tries to attack him with a knife. 

A struggle ensues, and Corey brutally stabs the man to death. Realising what he’s done, he gets rid of the knife and runs away.

How does Corey change?

This is a turning point for Corey, who finally gives in to his anger and turns into the ruthless killer the entire town thought him to be. He goes on a date with Allyson, but the duo is harassed by the latter’s ex-boyfriend, who is a cop. 

This infuriates Corey, and he leads the cop into Michael’s lair, where he is murdered. In addition, Allyson finds out that another nurse has been promoted instead of her as she’s having an affair with the doctor. 

Corey teams up with Michael, and the duo kills the doctor and the nurse as well. Suspicious of Corey’s changing demeanour, Lauri gets worried when she finds out that the boy and Allyson are planning to leave town for good.

She confronts Corey and prohibits him to leave with her granddaughter. He retorts by blaming Lauri for Michael’s rampage and says that if he can’t have Allyson then no one will.

What happens on Halloween?

On Halloween day, a ruthless Corey visits Michael in the sewers and successfully snatches his mask from him, labelling himself the new killer.

Elsewhere, Lauri and Allyson get into an argument about the latter leaving with Corey. Allyson also blames her grandmother for the tragic murders and walks out.

That night, Corey goes into full killer mode and murders the high school bullies. He then kills his cruel mother and a few other people who were mean to him. 

He finally heads to kill Lauri so that he can be with Allyson, but she fools him with a fake suicide attempt. She then shoots him down the stairs but fails to finish him off.

Corey uses this opportunity and stabs himself in the neck to frame Lauri for his murder as Allyson arrives. She is shocked to see the scene in front of her and abandons her grandmother. 

Does evil finally end?

At that very moment, Michael makes his way to Lauri’s house and quickly kills Corey to take back his mask. 

Now, the old arch-rivals battle to the death as Lauri overpowers the serial killer. Allyson returns, and both women trap Michael. They then slit open his throat and wrists to let him bleed out. 

The serial killer finally perishes, but that is not all. The police arrive on the scene, and a decision is made to instil peace into the people of Haddonfield.

Lauri carries Michael’s body to the scrapyard above her car as the residents join the procession. They crush the corpse in an industrial shredder, confirming to everyone that Michael Myers is finally gone. 

In the coming days, Lauri completes her memoir and reignites a romantic relationship with police chief Frank Hawkins. The final shot showcases Lauri’s office with Michael’s mask resting atop the table as a souvenir. 

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