How do Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo get back together in Doctor Slump?

The latest episode of Doctor Slump sees protagonists Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo getting back together after a heartbreaking temporary period apart.

A blissful period they spend together makes Nam Ha-Neul happy for a long time. 

But soon, she is overcome with anxiety because every time she’s felt happy before in her life, she has been hit by an immediate heartbreak. 

When she learns that Jeong-Woo isn’t resuming work because she hasn’t found work yet, she feels she’s making Jeong-Woo suffer too.

That, combined with her fears and doubts caused by the onset of sudden anxiety, leads to Ha-Neul breaking up with Jeong-Woo. 

Ha-Neul helps Jeong-Woo

It’s painful to hear that for Jeong-Woo, but he temporarily moves out of the room and accepts the break-up, but only to wait for her until she’s ready to accept him again.

Soon, Ha-Neul learns that Jeong-Woo has started work at Dae-Yeong’s clinic, but during his first surgery since the incident, he has a panic attack due to his PTSD. 

She decides to help him by assisting as an anesthesiologist during the surgery. He is surprised to see her there and later harshly rejects her help. 

Nam Ha-Neul Yeo Jeong-Woo surgery
Nam Ha-Neul helps Yeo Jeong-Woo during surgery

His reasoning is similar, in that he doesn’t want her to be suffering for his sake. He doesn’t want her to be doing what she doesn’t want to do, just so he can get better. 

Jeong-Woo fights Kyung-Min

Sometime later, he learns that Ha-Neul quit and fell into depression all because of what Min Kyung-Min did to her. 

He immediately visits him to confront him about it. Watching Kyung-Min rattle off insults for Ha-Neul while he did all that to her is just too much for Jeong-Woo, who attacks him. 

Later, he meets Ha-Neul and embraces her, apologizing for not knowing what she went through and why. 

Dating and working together, again

The two go clubbing later and decide to do their high school teacher’s surgery together. 

It is a success, and after the surgery, they have a dinner together with Dae-Yeong and other clinic employees. 

That’s when Lee Hong-Ran tells Ha-Neul how Yeo Jeong-Woo beat Kyung-Min for her. 

Getting back together

Previously, when he met her on the rooftop, she treated his injuries while he won’t just yet tell how he got them. 

He told her that he took to heart when she rejected him. He decided then to become strong enough and show her that she could lean on him. 

However, his PTSD kicked in and he couldn’t do that. 

He was embarrassed to perform that way when she came to help him; he wanted to impress her and that condition of himself is just very sad for him.

However, Ha-Neul tells her she considers him incredible and that he exists outside of the clinic too.

While tending to his wounds, the two have a tender moment and share a passionate kiss. 

After the celebratory dinner in the evening, Jeong-Woo apologizes for speaking harshly to her, and the two kiss again. 

He asks Ha-Neul if she has a boyfriend now, and she says she does, making their relationship official once again.

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