Gyokko: Demon Slayer character explained

Gyokko serves as a major antagostic force in Demon Slayer, proffering a range of perils as an Upper Moon demon.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Muzan needs some crucial missions to be completed by his upper rank demons, and when they fail to deliver on his expectations, he’s nothing but enraged and let down.

In the mean time, however, his Upper Moon Five demon dog, Gyokko, offers him great intel about the forbidden village of the Swordsmiths, attacking which would significantly impact the strength of the Demon Slayer Corps.

A grotesque creature

Demons in Demon Slayer are not exactly eye candies, a fact which can’t be truer when it comes to Upper Moon Rank Five — Gyokko.

Flaunting a truly bizarre bod, Gyokko goes about his demonic activities in a similarly bizarre fashion. Right off the bat at his introduction, he’s shown to be rather cunning and useful when all other upper ranking demons can’t, making Muzan fume with the disappointment.

It is this disappointment that leads Muzan to casually severe Gyokko’s head when the information he brings to his master isn’t entirely reliable. However, as his head hangs from Muzan’s hand, the demon feels nothing but bliss, privileged to be touched by his master.

Gyokko Demon Slayer
Image source: Netflix

His appearance constitutes of a body where the the torso is populated by many hands, that also portrude out of his head. On his face, he has two mouths in place of the eyes and a big eye in the place of the mouth, in addition to a vertically aligned on on his forehead.

The lower half of his body remains inside the pot that he usually comes out of in a genie-like manner. The demon can have a fuller body when he transforms, however.

A sadistic artist

Gyokko’s methods and style during battle are also bizarre and grotesque. He considers himself an artist, hence the pots, and it is this artistic fervor that guides and informs his battle style.

At the Swordsmith Village, a place that he tracks down before any other demon could, Gyokko wreaks havoc all over and upon many swordsmiths. He also unleashes diabolical pieces of art made by him, which are nothing but demonic mindless predators, intent on killing and consuming.

He’s also short tempered and envious of other artists who can devote themselves to their craft in an unflinching manner that he’s been unable to do in his own craft.

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