Guru Bob: High Desert character explained

Guru Bob is a former newscaster turned “wellness guru” who falls into the sights of Peggy Newman because of a stolen painting that is in his house. The character is played by Rupert Friend.

The first mention of Guru Bob is when Tammy is bragging about the ring he bought for her. She claims that he used to be famous and was on the news, as Peggy remembers him as the “everything is stupid” newscaster.

She tells Tammy what she’s wearing isn’t an original diamond but a simple moonstone. Tammy later sends a video from Bob’s house showing off his well-decorated abode and a receipt legitimizing her diamond but what catches Peggy’s eye is a painting in the background.

She tells Bruce Harvey that the painting is a well-known piece that was stolen years ago and has a very big finders fee. When Peggy finds out that Bob broke up with Tammy, she finds out his address and pays him a visit.

A man with many debts

The first time Peggy sees Guru Bob, he’s trying to sell the stolen painting to a prospective buyer but Peggy scuppers the deal. She claims to know an art dealer who could get him a good deal on the painting before revealing that she’s Tammy’s colleague and he owes her some money.

Bob is dismissive of her but later on, she sees him being threatened by a father-daughter duo who accuse him of selling them a fake painting. They kidnap Bob and slice off his nipple as a warning to get their money back as soon as possible.

Peggy offers to help Bob get out of this predicament but only at a cost, as she seeks to find out more about this mysterious “guru”. Bob was a well-reputed newscaster before having a breakdown on live television.

Guru Bob: High Desert character explained 1
Guru Bob has a respectable career before becoming a “conman”

He also had a wife that disappeared in not-so-legitimate circumstances and Peggy is after the reward for finding her.

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