Guilty Minds summary and ending explained

Guilty Minds follows the life of two lawyers who fight for their individualistic principles, but often find themselves as conflicting parties in the courtroom.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Kashaf Quaze, a competent and humble lawyer meets the victim of a celebrity rape case, Mala Kumari, and decides to represent her before the judicial structure. 

On the contrary, the accused, Divendu Khurrana takes his case to Khanna and Khanna Law Firm where the board discusses whether or not they should represent the accused who actually might be guilty. 

But, Deepak Rana, a prodigy who made his way to Senior Partner in the firm, advocates taking up the case and believes that the job of a lawyer is to fight for his client irrespective of whether they are guilty or not.

Interestingly, Kashaf Quaze and Deepak Rana are college friends, almost lovers, who end up opposite each other in this case and many other cases in the future.

With a lack of evidence, the verdict of the case falls in a grey area with the accused getting 5 years of jail term for being a person in authority. However, rape charges are dismissed from him leaving the celebrity, Mala Kumari devastated about the fact that the concept of consent is still under the shade.

Meanwhile, a long-closed case accusing Tajinder Bhalla, a robust name in the brewing industry,  of murdering a 14-year-old is reopened. Deepak Rana is Tajinder’s lawyer but also a friend of Kitu, Tajinder’s son.

For the next case, Kashaf represents a 19-year-old boy who murders a cab driver while being a part of an online game that has become quite prevalent in society succumbing to teenagers. 

While the case goes on, the judge bench of the Tajinder Bhalla case is acquired by Munawar Quaze, a truthful supreme court judge and father of Kashaf Quaze. 

Tajinder asks Deepak to talk to Kashaf regarding the inclination of the case and influence her father’s judgment. However, Deepak is reluctant to do that and later on denies doing it.

While hearing the case of Tajinder Bhalla, the advocates in the court get a broadcast message delivered from an unknown number that said Munawar Quaze has been partial in the past. 

Deepak digs into the matter more and with the help of his detective friend, finds a CD of a conversation between Munawar Quaze and another investigative authority.

Deepak is a favourite of his boss, L N Khanna. While Subhrat Khanna, grandchild of L N Khanna is jealous of Deepak noting his falling importance in the firm.

Pursuing this, Subhrat does everything that he can to prove Deepak unworthy of his position as a Senior partner. 

Thus, Shubrat leaks the CD to the media. Kashaf, very disturbed by the rumour against her father, embarks on a journey to find out the truth and dismisses the CD as fake. 

While all of these events occur in the personal life of the Kashaf and Deepak, their professional life is engaged with new cases concerning various matters that raise public concern on issues like rising technology, sex determination, climate change, consent, politics, gender politics, corporate power, cyber scams, etc.

While working on a music copyright case in Mumbai, Kashaf and Deepak get close, however, not leading anywhere. Soon, the narrative hints that Kashaf has inner demons to fight and has a hurtful past. 

Soon, Kashaf finds out that her father was involved in suppressing investigation years back when her brother created a scam. This breaks her and she leaves the house.

Deepak finds himself in turmoil when things are happening concerning the Tajinder Bhalla case. He embarks on a journey to find out what happened.

Soon, he finds out the truth that is not pleasing but as the lawyer of Tajinder Bhalla, he cannot express the truth in the court and thus, approaches Riya Singh, a journalist.

The news gets out in the media and the following day, supreme court judge Munawar Quaze sends the case for more investigation.

Deepak feels a sigh of relief. However, he reveals to Kashaf that he was the one to release the scam trail text message and Kashaf again, feels betrayed by a close one.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here is a full breakdown.

Guilty Minds ending explained in detail:

Personal conflicts

Kashaf finds out about her father’s involvement in suppressing the investigation of a case years back. The case involved Kashaf’s brother, Hassan who had breached the judgment of a shop sealing case and bought several mall floors before the judgment was passed.

This led Hassan to make huge monetary profits but eventually, his conduct was caught. Thus, to save the family’s reputation, Munawar Quaze suppressed the investigation.

Kashaf feels devastated and betrayed by her father, leaves the house, and starts living with Vandana.

Meanwhile, Deepak is called for by L N Khanna. He is questioned about his involvement with Kashaf in the case of Deep Waters. 

Deepak confesses that the case was brought to him by his brother-in-law and that he knew the owner of Deep Waters would bring his side of the case to LN Khanna as he is a friend.

Thus, Deepak took the case to Kashaf. He justifies that Kashaf was helping him in the case. He further says that he did what was right, something that he learned from LN Khanna himself.

Tajinder Bhalla case

Deepak is summoned by Tajinder Bhalla to his office. Bhalla says how the entire political structure wants to take him down because of his robust structure in the industry.

Deepak finds a clue to reach Chintan’s (the 14-year-old boy who was killed by Tajinder) brother, Ratan and embarks on a journey to find him.

After interacting with Ratan, Deepak learns that Tajinder indeed killed Chintan. 

Tajinder Bhalla, along with a minister, first shot a police officer. The encounter was seen by both Chintan and Ratan but Ratan managed to run away and Chintan fell into the river while escaping and Tajinder Bhalla let him drown.

Deepak decided to bring the truth in front of the world by asking Ratan to say the truth on camera. This way Deepak will not be at fault for being Tajinder’s lawyer and the truth was also spoken.

Following this, the Bhalla case was sent to further investigation.

Confessions and doubts

In a board meeting called to fire Deepak from the firm, Shubhangi and LN Khanna stay in against it. Following this Deepak thanks Shubhangi.

However, Shubhangi, trying to confess her feelings to Deepak, asks him out for a pending treat.

Meanwhile, Deepak and Kashaf get close but Deepak confesses his involvement in leaking the scam trail message. This leaves Kashaf devastated again and she leaves.

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