Gregg: Only Murders in the Building season 3 character explained

Gregg is an early suspect in Ben’s murder but he is quickly ruled out while also offering up clues to who the killer might be. The character is played by Adrian Martinez.

Gregg is first seen during Ben’s funeral in the overflow room with Mabel and the others. He mentions a line from Hamlet and Mabel strikes up a conversation where he introduces himself as Ben’s security.

He claims to have several letters and other possible evidence that might point to who might want to hurt Ben and he invites Mabel to come by and check it out with her old friends.

He casts an accusatory glance at the other members of the cast, suggesting that one of them might have had something to do with it.

A troubled mind

On their way to his apartment, Charles asked Gregg why they never saw him before if he was Ben’s security and Gregg responded that it was because he was very good at his job.

Once they walk in, they see many posters of Ben’s works and Gregg even has a shrine with a lot of memorabilia in his living room. Charles immediately wants to leave because Gregg seems off but Mabel is convinced he has clues to share.

They see some pictures that Gregg photoshopped of him with Ben and Charles heads toward the door but Mabel is knocked out with chloroform before he gets Charles too.

They wake up in the basement and Gregg shows up later with a cart full of tools to torture Charles with. He admits that he works at a restaurant and wasn’t Ben’s security, but that he was in love with him.

Gregg: Only Murders in the Building season 3 character explained 1
Gregg just turned out to be an obsessed fan looking for Ben’s killer

Gregg believed that Charles must have killed Ben because the two hated each other but before he could lay a hand on them, the police showed up and saved them. Detective Biswas said that he was obviously a stalker and questions their decision-making.

Mabel does get one clue out of the situation when Gregg reveals the handkerchief he grabbed from Ben’s apartment after he died. Since his was in his room, the one Mabel found on Ben’s body must have been the killer’s, handing them a major point to work with.

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