General Are: Sand Land: The Series character explained

General Are is one of the major supporting characters in Sand Land: The Series. Satoshi Tsuruoka voices the character in the anime.

General Are, at the orders of Supreme Commander Zeu of the King’s Royal Army, leads a hunting squad against the legendary General Shiba. 

Are is an astute, sharp, and tactical soldier who can adapt to situations and lead a unit with utmost competence. He’s also a rather great leader, as most of his men remain loyal to him even under extreme circumstances. 

He is Rao’s replacement in the Royal Army. This is also why he knows of the legendary figure who was hailed as a hero, before his presumed death in an explosion 30 years ago. 

Are’s personal link to Rao

It was that explosion three decades ago, where a Royal Army unit, led by General Shiba, was supposed to destroy the weapon-manufacturing facility of the Picchi people. 

However, Commander Zeu had lied to Shiba and his men, and they were used to explode the machines that the Picchi were creating to produce water. 

General Are father Sand Land The Series
General Shiba (middle) and Apo (right)

This mission ensured that they would have a monopoly on the water source, as well as the destruction of the Royal Army Tanks that stood in Zeu’s way. 

Apo, father of Are, was one of the men in that unit, working under General Shiba. He passed away in the explosion the scale of which was unprecedented to the lot of them.

A formidable help

After learning the truth about the explosion that took away his father from him, Are confirms that the tragedy was indeed the machinations of Supreme Commander Zeu. 

The moment of confirmation marks a pivot in Are’s loyalty and drive. He helps Rao and the demons go against Zeu and defeat him. 

After his defeat, and gifting Sand Land their rightful water supply, Rao aka Shiba suggests Are should succeed Zeu as the Supreme Commander. 

He assumes the position eventually and becomes a great leader. In the battle against Muniel and General Bred from Forest Land, he plays a crucial role yet again and helps deter the enemy forces from destroying Sand Land.

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