Furies (2024) summary and ending explained

In Furies (2024), in an attempt to avenge her father’s death, Lyna finds herself teaming up with the Fury, who maintains balance in Paris’ underworld. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Lyna is an average college student who has long stayed away from her parents, who are criminals. She is dating Elie, a cop, who may never get to meet Lyna’s parents.

Since she started dating Elie, her birthdays have been simple and sweet. However, it all changes when, this time around, her father sends her €2,550,857 into her bank account.

Lyna’s father is the Parisian underworld’s accountant. Lyna grew up seeing gangsters visit their house.

Lyna fears that this money is going to get her in trouble. Even though her father assures her that the origin of this money is untraceable, they are attacked while celebrating Lyna’s birthday.

While Lyna’s mother survives, her father dies, and he is killed in the signature style of the Fury.

The Fury is the woman who keeps order in Paris’ underworld. She intervenes when crimes are committed among the criminals.

Lyna is put in prison after her father’s death for not giving information on who attacked her father. The cops give up on the case, believing that the Fury is just a myth.

Lyna spends six months in prison and resolves to hunt down the Fury. During her time in prison, she grows tough and extracts information on Fury from the Shark, a criminal who is a big shot.

Once Lyna is released, she begins her mission and does get the attention of the Fury, whose identity is revealed to be Selma, but it turns out that this was all a setup.

Selma wanted Lyna to find her. Selma says that she didn’t kill her father. Possibly, the Jelly, one of the Godfathers of Paris, forced Lyna’s father to embezzle money and then got Lyna’s father killed.

Selma compels Lyna to join her team, and Lyna tags along with Selma and her teammates, the Fixer and Mud Man, to one of the meetings of the Olympus, the Godfathers of the six families who rule organized crime.

The Fury works for the Olympus. While she is reporting the case of Lyna’s father, they receive the body of the Jelly in pieces.

The Fury’s team traces the steps of the Jelly. Moving forward, Selma forces Lyna to cut ties with her loved ones now that she is working for her. By that, she means cutting ties with Elie.

In the meantime, the Fixer finds out that Lyna Guerrab, the real daughter of Lyna’s parents, is dead. Even Lyna doesn’t know this.

Lyna investigates and finds out that Selma has been watching over her all her life. It turns out that Lyna is Selma’s niece, and Selma wants Lyna to succeed her as the next Fury.

Selma lies to Lyna that her real parents, Driss and Kahina, died in an accident. She learns from Orso, an assassin who works for Selma’s rival, Parques, that Driss schemed against the Godfathers, which resulted in him becoming a target.

In such cases, only the Fury is allowed to pull a trigger, and it turns out that Selma has possibly killed Lyna’s parents.

Selma confesses that she hasn’t killed Driss. She hid him and locked him up in a prison. Lyna leaves Selma’s team to look for her father instead.

Lyna tracks her father down. When she finally meets him, Driss attempts to convince Lyna that she can’t trust Selma. He claims the Guerrabs, Lyna’s fake parents, are dead because they heard Selma wanted to reclaim Lyna as her heir.

The Guerrabs had planned a different future for her, but they couldn’t oppose the Fury after all, and it was Selma who set off all of this.

Ending explained:

The killer’s identity

Lyna sees through her father’s lies. While investigating the deaths of the Guerrabs and whoever is plotting against the Olympus, Lyna has observed that the masked man who is behind all of this has a knack for creating mise-en-scène.

Lyna notices that the prison where she is meeting her father also seems staged. Lyna’s father, Driss, is the man behind all of this, and as of now, Selma is walking into one of his traps.

Lyna fails to save Selma. However, she takes Selma’s place in hopes of avenging her.

Lyna realizes that all the attacks Driss has orchestrated on the Godfathers have all been personal. The Fixer reveals that he is taking back everything that belongs to him.

When Selma took down Driss back in the day, the Godfather seized the businesses that were originally Driss’ ideas.

Selma is not dead

Lyna predicts what Driss’ next move will be, but it is Selma’s rival, Parques, who makes the first move and shows the Olympus that he is far more competent than Lyna.

Lyna, on the other hand, when left alone, is kidnapped by Driss, who tries to convince her that he is all she has.

Lyna notices the scratches on the faces of Driss’ soldiers and concludes that Selma is not dead and Driss is keeping her captive.

Driss has made the Olympus vulnerable by faking Selma’s death and is now interrogating Selma so that he can extract the weaknesses of the Godfathers.

Lyna also figures out that Driss and Parques are working together, which is how Parques is one step ahead of her. Parques is winning the favor of the Olympus, giving Driss another opening.

Driss’ arrest and his escape

Orso aids Lyna in killing Parques and retrieving the information that Driss wants. Driss is targeting the mine, an armored train serving as the Godfathers’ safe. It is always on the move beneath Paris.

Lyna strikes a deal with Driss. In exchange for the keys to the mine, Lyna asks for Selma. When they meet, Lyna also alerts the cops, leading to the arrests of Driss, Selma, and Lyna.

The cops are attacked by Parques’ soldiers, forcing Lyna, Driss, Selma, Elie, and Officer Keïta to take shelter.

Followed by Parques’ soldiers, Damocles, skilled assassins who are hired to assassinate high-profile individuals in exchange for a heavy price, like someone’s head, are sent by the Olympus.

Lyna, Driss, Selma, Elie, and Orso overpower the Damocles, but Driss escapes yet again.

Driss’ goal and Selma’s lie

Lyna’s mother, Kahina, was an undercover cop who escaped the Fury. However, during her mission, she fell in love with the Fury’s brother, as in Lyna’s father, Driss, who wasn’t able to handle the betrayal.

Since then, Driss has been searching for Kahina relentlessly. He killed Kahina’s entire family, and now with the key to the mine, he will be able to find her.

The mine has a data center that will connect Driss to all police services, enabling him to find anyone.

Lyna and Selma invade the mine, assisted by their team. Together, they are able to stop Driss.

It’s Selma who later finds and kills Driss in her signature style upon his request. Driss doesn’t want Lyna to do it and live with his blood on her hands.

Before being killed, Driss reminds Selma that she is the one who massacred Kahina’s entire family, not him.

A cop infiltrating the underworld and marrying her brother was a big mess for the Fury. Selma hid her mistake and painted her brother as the villain. She planned to kill her brother too, but back then, she didn’t have the guts.

Enter Damocles

Lyna plans to find her mother, but Selma says they need resources. They will have to make amends with the Olympus. Before that, Lyna is forced to say goodbye to her loved ones again.

They visit the Olympus, and after narrating everything, Selma comes closer to them and realizes that they are all dead.

Damocles surround Lyna and Selma. The leader of Damocles declares that they are the new masters of the Olympus and asks Lyna and Selma who they work for now.

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