F*ck Love Too summary and ending explained

F*ck Love Too is a dutch rom-com film that revolves around the love lives of three friends, Lisa, Angela, and Kiek, who are at a bachelorette party in Ibiza. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Lisa’s grandmother, Omni, has passed away and Lisa is hosting a funeral service for her. All her friends, including Angela and Kiek, attend the service. 

Before the funeral service even starts, Kiek announces that she is getting married. However, Lisa seems happy and wishes her well.

Bo and her husband, Said, prepare a video to be played at the funeral but while trying to play it, Said mistakenly plays a private tape. It gets embarrassing for Bo, but Lisa manages to begin her speech.

While delivering her thoughts, a phone rings inside the coffin, and the service gets disrupted again. Said gets up to get the phone because it was his phone that fell inside the coffin while he was photographing a dead Omni.

While trying to take his phone out of the coffin, disaster emerges as Said breaks the coffin, and the entire setup falls to the ground.

After all this, the funeral service gets over and the mourning Lisa is handed several other chores. First, Jack asks her to take out all her stuff from the house as Jack will be selling the property.

As soon as she gets out of the church, Lisa meets her old friend, Noah, who happens to own village cottages in Ibiza. After hearing this, Kiek expresses her wish to have her bachelorette trip in Ibiza and Noah says that they are welcome.

On the other side, Bo is very saddened by Said and his stupid acts and demands a separation. Said leaves the house and crashes at Jack and Cindy’s place.

Jack and Cindy are now married, and Cindy is pregnant. As a result, Cindy does not like Said staying over at their place.

While Jack puts up a ‘For Sale’ board on his previous house, Lisa protests that it is her house too, and he cannot sell it.

But soon, leaving everything behind, Lisa, Kiki, and Angela travel to Ibiza, where Noah awaits them. They are impressed by the place, and Kiki hints to Noah that Lisa is single and they must do something.

The three friends get out to party, and Angela hooks up with the bartender, Javier. At the same time, Lisa and Noah confess their long-lost love for each other and hook up.

Meanwhile, Kiki feels frustrated about being engaged and not being able to hook up. 

Jim, Lisa’s ex-boyfriend, finds her in Ibiza and asks her for a second chance. After much thinking, Lisa agrees to take things slow with Jim this time. 

But, to add to the drama, Jim finds Lisa and Noah kissing and leaves with disappointment. Meanwhile, Angela comes to know that Javier is a male escort, and Kiki pays him to have sex with Angela.

Lisa tells Noah that she is still in love with Jim and cannot continue this. That night, the three friends go to a party where Kiki gets drunk and ends up with Javier on the beach, and drunk Angela is mistaken as a prostitute and gets arrested.

On the other hand, Said gets to know that Jack got two women pregnant, and neither of them knows about the other. 

While Said tries hard to make it up to Bo, they decide to go for couples therapy. Unfortunately, while everything is undergoing, Jack gives a bit of lame advice to Said, and things get messy.

However, Bo understands him and asks him to come back home so that they can work things out.

Jack, baffled by the two women, falls into deep trouble when both Cindy and Monica become friends. Monica gets to know about Cindy, but Cindy is yet to discover her husband’s affair.

Heartbroken, Monica shuts away Jack and says that she will bring up her child alone.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a detailed breakdown.

F*ck Love Too ending explained in detail:

Chaotic Jack

Jack, a selfish man, has a difficult time accepting the mess he created, and Monica shuts him away. However, he has also realized that Said is not with him anymore.

He meets Lisa at Omni’s grave, and as an attempt to contemplate, he offers Lisa to have a meeting with lawyers to transfer the house to her legally.

But when he is on his way to the lawyers’ office, Jack gets a call from Monica and learns that she has gone into labor. So he rushes to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Cindy also goes into labor, and Lisa rushes her to the same hospital. 

Bo and Said are already in the hospital because of Max’s shrimp allergy caused due to a sandwich offered by Said. Bo gets to know that Cindy is in labor.

While Said watches Lisa rush Cindy into a room, he crosses paths with Jack. Jack learns about Cindy and asks Said to look after Monica.

But both the women are brought into the same room, and everyone learns about the mess created by Jack. 

Both the women supposedly leave Jack, but Jack promises to be a better father than he was a husband. 

Kiki and Angela

Although Kiki had earlier said that she didn’t want to get married now, the end brings them together, and Kiki asks Johnnie, her boyfriend, to marry her.

Angela helps Javier with his business, and he gets a loan to save his bar. Angela says she is coming to meet him next week, sparking a new love story.

Lisa and Jim

Jim gets back to his occupation as a doctor, and he delivers Cindy and Monica’s baby.

When asked about his life, he said that he is back to doing what he was doing and wants to begin a life with Lisa again.

Lisa says that she still wants to travel and will let him know after she comes back. Then, she leaves for her adventure, and while taking a look at the view, Jim comes and stands beside her.

Shocked, Lisa asked him what is he doing here, and Jim said that he could let Lisa do this alone and besides, “All work and no play makes Jim a dull boy.”

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