Freeridge ending explained: Do Gloria and her friends reverse the curse?

Freeridge follows Gloria and her friends, who come across a mysterious box that brings bad luck into their lives. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Gloria and Ines are unlike any other sisters. They are constantly fighting each other and do not appreciate each other’s presence. Gloria shares with her best friends, Demi and Cam, that they should kick Ines out of their group.

When the conversation about breaking free from Ines pops up, Gloria and Demi also look at Cam, who is also struggling to break up with his boyfriend, Andre.

During a yard sale, Cam plans to gift Andre a box that has the initials ‘M.M.’ on it. He suggests that these wrong initials will give him a hint that it’s not working out between them, and Andre will himself dump Cam.

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The moment Cam takes away that box, a woman comes looking for it and offers an extraordinary amount for it. Though Gloria quickly retrieves the box from Cam, the lady disappears the moment Gloria turns to her.

The woman later drops by their house, offering more money for it. She claims that the box is cursed, and therefore, she wants it back. The group discusses how much they should ask for the box. They waste time and lose sight of that lady once again.

The curse of the box scares Gloria and her friends. They come across a woman’s photograph inside it. They ask their neighbors about this woman, as they were the ones selling this box. It turns out that she is their neighbor’s mother, and she is dead.

While Gloria is optimistic that there is no such thing as a curse or a ghost, things start turning around for them when Gloria and Ines learn that their father has cancer.

Gloria and her friends approach Cinnamon, a woman who claims to be a witch. She doesn’t know much about curses, but she predicts the future for each one of them.

According to her, Demi must break something in order to fix it. Cam will have two options to choose from; whatever he chooses will be a bad choice. Lastly, she tells Gloria that one sister will be responsible for another’s downfall and that one of them will even die.

Cinnamon’s predictions start coming true when Demi breaks the box and discovers a hidden letter inside it. The letter is an invitation to the birthday celebration of a man named Henry, and someone named Mariluna has sent this letter to Marisol.

A further dig into this matter leads the group to find out that Marisol is their neighbor’s mother. A conversation with Marisol’s close friend revealed that Marisol does have a twin sister named Mariluna, who now might be coming for the box.

Gloria eventually spots Mariluna at a party at her house. She then once again encounters her sneaking inside their house. Upon following her, Gloria and Mariluna finally come face to face with each other, with Mariluna forced to spill the beans.

Amidst all of this, Cam deals with Andre and his feelings for Demi, who has scarred him for life by saying something when she was just 12.

She was naive back then and had claimed that she won’t date boys who have dated other boys. Cam always thought Demi was his safe space, and now watching her not own her mistakes has made him part ways with her.

Meanwhile, Gloria and Ines fall for the same boy, Rusty, who has been hired by their uncle, Tonio, as his assistant. When Ines tries to seduce Rusty, he tells her that he has feelings for Gloria.

A heartbroken Ines then makes a selfish mistake by lying to them and ruining their relationship.

Freeridge ending explained in detail:

Is there really a curse?

After confronting Mariluna, Gloria learns that she parted ways with her family when she married an affluent man who asked her to do this. Mariluna missed her twin sister, and she even invited her to her husband’s birthday.

Marisol never showed up, and unfortunately, Mariluna’s husband passed away in a car accident. When Mariluna found out that her sister still kept their box, she planned to retrieve it as it is her sister’s last memory.

Mariluna used the old prank she used to play with her sister on others, where they claim things are cursed. This time, she played that prank on Gloria and her friends to steal that box back. There is no such thing as a curse, after all.

Mariluna later admitted that she felt lonely without her sister. She wished to get to know her sister’s family, which is still pretty much alive. Gloria assures her that it is not too late and that she should invite them to a Thanksgiving party.

Do Cam and Demi end up together?

Throughout the show, Demi tries to apologize to Cam several times. She claims that she doesn’t remember saying that she won’t date boys who have been with other boys. She defends herself by saying that she was just 12 back then and didn’t know much about sexuality.

Cam continues to stay hostile towards Demi because she just can’t own up to her mistake. Even when she apologizes, it’s more about her than it is about him and how her statement made him feel.

Andre aids Demi in patching things up with Cam. He locks them in a room, where they finally get to have a heart-to-heart with each other. Demi admits her mistake, and they both finally reconcile.

Demi and Cam start dating, but their romance eventually fizzles out. Cam then realizes that Cinnamon’s prediction came true. He may choose Dre or Demi, but whatever he chooses will be the wrong choice, which suggests that Cam must stay single.

Cam and Demi break up. However, during Thanksgiving at Mariluna’s, Demi confesses to Andre that her grandma, before dying, prophesied that her soulmate would blink his eyes a lot. Later in the finale, Demi notices that the man who blinks a lot is none other than Cam.

At this point, Cam and Demi are just friends, but this revelation hints that they may give their relationship a second chance in the near future.

Do Gloria and Ines reconcile?

Gloria and Rusty both eventually find out about the mess Ines has created. Gloria confronts Ines about it, and the latter finally agrees that she is the curse on this family.

For Gloria, things start going smoothly with Rusty until Ines discovers that their uncle, Tonio, hired Rusty so that he can flirt with them and distract them from their father’s cancer.

Initially, Gloria sees this as Ines’ second attempt to sabotage her relationship. When she learns the truth, she breaks down. Rusty explains that he stopped taking money from Tonio once he started having true feelings for her. Rusty’s explanation doesn’t work.

Mariluna comforts a heartbroken Gloria and asks her to look at the bright side. She reminded her of how Rusty has been to her. Gloria agrees that she has to stop being so judgmental and get vulnerable.

She then looks for Rusty and Ines and offers her apologies. One thing she doesn’t know is that Rusty and Ines were fighting with each other before she arrived, and that fight ended in a kiss.

Does Mariluna die?

At the Thanksgiving party, Mariluna admits that her love for riddles and pranks is the reason she made Gloria and her friends go through this whole adventure.

She invites them to a room where she has a surprise for them. She offers them a cheque of a million dollars and a second option, where they have to spend these million dollars in the next three months. If they manage to do so, she will give them ten million dollars.

The only catch in this game is that they have to spend this money on things they can’t keep, and how they are going to do this is something they will have to figure out.

Mariluna gives them time to think about it and leaves the room to bid some guests goodbye.

Earlier, Demi talked about a local legend called RollerWorld. Marisol and a kid named Jamal found a lot of money back in time. Marisol buried that money somewhere no one knows. She has left a map for it, and everyone is still looking for that money.

The finale reveals that the money Marisol found belongs to a local gang. Demi’s sister’s boyfriend is part of that gang. He comes to Mariluna’s party and assumes that Mariluna is actually Marisol and that she knows where their money is.

Demi’s sister’s boyfriend and his acquaintance confront Mariluna near her house. Gloria and her friends hear a gunshot. They come to Mariluna’s aid and find someone dead in a car, probably Mariluna, as she was in a car when Demi’s sister’s boyfriend came.

With that, Cinnamon’s last prediction comes true, which suggests one sister will be responsible for another’s downfall, and one of them will die for that.

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