Four More Shots Please season 3 ending explained: Where does everyone end up?

Four More Shots Please Season 3 follows four best friends from various backgrounds as they deal with romance, work-life conflicts, desires, and insecurities in urban India. The series is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The focus of this season is on the daily struggles that Anjana, Damini, Siddhi, and Umang, four best friends, face as they try to cope with their emotional turmoil.

Siddhi bids her father farewell in her own unique way. Her mother and best friends are worried, though, as she finds it difficult to get over her father’s death.

When the girls start reminiscing about their parents at the truck bar, Umang admits that she never had an emotional connection with her father.

Siddhi persuades her to meet her father before it’s too late. The entire gang travels to Ludhiana to confront Umang’s father, who has disowned her due to her sexuality, but it all goes in vain.

Damini is trying very hard to be a proper journalist following the publication of her controversial book, but nothing challenging comes her way.

However, she starts dating Jeh, the owner of the truck bar, and strives to find happiness with him.

Anjana, who is raising her daughter alone after her divorce, finds herself in the middle of Varun’s happy family. A number of secrets start surfacing at Varun’s Holi Party.

One of them is how Varun drunkenly kissed his ex-wife Anjana. When his second wife, Kavya, learns of this, she throws him out of the house.

Meanwhile, Damini reveals that she hasn’t been intimate with Jeh since her miscarriage, which may be the source of their relationship problems.

Siddhi tries to protect her mother from the vultures, or so-called male friends of her father, who are making sexual advances on her widowed mother.

Umang, who is still struggling as a gym trainer following her breakup with actress Samara, reveals her desire to open her own fitness studio.

Siddhi decides to join Umang as a business partner and invests in her studio during her financial crisis.

Anjana finds Varun living on her couch after Kavya kicks him out and tries to deal with the situation calmly. As they start living together, their daughter, Arya, starts bragging about it at school, and Varun fears that they have permanently scarred her.

When her mother starts dating Rajan, a financial instructor, Siddhi continues acting like a spoiled brat by throwing immature tantrums.

Umang opens the UMAMI fitness studio and for the very first time, gets her own space in the city. She runs into Meher, the owner of a bakery down the road, and slowly but surely, mutual attraction starts to grow between them.

Samara’s fans make her life more difficult by writing hateful messages on the studio walls. Umang befriends Sean, a new recruit at the gym studio who helps her unwind.

As Umang and Meher find themselves in a whirlwind of passion, Umang is reminded by her best friends not to raise Meher’s expectations. When Umang realizes her mistake, she tells Meher that she isn’t looking for a relationship and breaks up with her.

Meanwhile, Damini is challenged and irked by a young politician named Dhananjay Deshpande, and she eventually ends up being his campaign manager.

Jeh struggles to understand Damini’s priorities and her closeness to Dhananjay as she embraces the role of campaign manager with enthusiasm.

Damini eventually hooks up with Dhananjay one night, as she starts to loosen her grip on Jeh and feels lost.

Four More Shots Please Season 3 ending explained in detail:

Does Umang end up with Sean or Samara?

At Siddhi’s birthday party, Sean confesses his feelings for Umang. She tries to deny his feelings but eventually gets intimate with him.

They began sleeping together casually, but when Umang discovers that Samara is dating another girl, she breaks down in front of Sean.

She confesses that she still has feelings for Samara. Sean comforts her, and the two decide to remain friends.

Samara barges into Umang’s studio one morning and confesses that she can’t get Umang out of her head. They express their suppressed emotions, find closure, and ultimately decide to part ways.

What happens to Damini and Jeh?

Even after moving in with Damini, Jeh sees the fraying threads of their relationship. He is certain that there is something between Damini and Dhananjay after Dhananjay’s fundraising party.

Damini eventually admits that she slept with Dhananjay and that she isn’t the perfect person he expects her to be all the time. Jeh declares that their relationship is over.

Meanwhile, the demolition of his bar, due to legal issues, breaks him down. Therefore, he decides to return to Goa, his hometown, and start over.

Do Siddhi and Mihir end up together?

Siddhi is frustrated that her mother has invited Rajan to her 25th birthday party in Italy. Before she can cancel the party, she learns that all of her best friends have agreed to go to Italy, leaving Siddhi with no choice.

However, at one of Siddhi’s comedy gigs, Mihir, her childhood friend, shows up, and she ends up inviting him to the party. Siddhi starts throwing tantrums and making snide remarks at everyone in Italy.

Mihir sees right through her and tells her she’s hurting herself by using her mother as a punching bag. Siddhi breaks down in his arms as she realizes her mistakes and apologizes to her mother.

Siddhi receives a call from Mihir after returning to Mumbai, saying he’s in town for business and doesn’t want to leave without seeing her.

She realizes she loves him at that moment and rushes to the airport, where she confesses her feelings in front of everyone.

What happens to Anjana?

Anjana is drawn to the happy family that she can finally have after spending time in Italy with Varun and Arya. Each day sees Varun and Anjana come close.

Kavya appears unexpectedly and reveals that their son, who spoke his first words, called out to his father and that they both need him.

Finally, Varun returns to Kavya. Anjana decides to let go of Varun after realizing that she can raise her own happy family without him.

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