Fistful of Vengeance summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Fistful of Vengeance is a supernatural action thriller that focuses on a group called the Wu Assassins who head to Bangkok to avenge the death of one of their own. Their quest leads them to discover a deadly foe who is an ancient threat, imbued with otherworldly abilities. The film is a sequel to the television series, Wu Assassins.


Fistful of Vengeance kicks off in Bangkok and addresses a series of evets since the ending of Wu Assassins season 1. It is initially revealed that Tommy’s (Lawrence Kao) sister Jenny (Li Jun Li) is dead and the hunt for the killer has brought him, Kai (Iko Uwais), and Lu Xin (Lewis Tan), to Bangkok.

Their source of information is a half broken ancient talisman which Jenny had in her hand when her boy was found. While looking for information in Bangkok, the trio gets into a scuffle with Chi vampires and make easy work of them.

They are then approached by a biotech billionaire, Dr. William Pan, who narrates the tale of an ancient being called Pangu, to them. According to his story, Pangu was the first man who eventually became a God and created the universe.

However, his lust for power was so strong that the realm away from time — known as the Dao — created the first Wu Assassin to bring him down. Since this counter measure, Pangu’s two sides, chaos and order, have locked horns in numerous forms. William also mentions that he is the present host for the former.

He also drops another shocker when he tells them that his twin sister, Ku An Qi (Rhatha Phongam), who is the self proclaimed queen of the Bangkok underworld, is the embodiment of chaos and has been consuming people’s Chi to increase her strength.

She was on a hunt for the last Wu Assassin — who happens to be Kai — but ran into Jenny and murdered her. The talisman which was found on Jenny belongs to Ku and houses her essence and its other half is in William’s possession.

Offering them a chance to avenge Jenny, the billionaire requests Kai to kidnap Ku from a Triad meeting and bring her in so that order can be restored in the world.

Do they succeed and manage to contain Ku or does Pangu reform?

If you still have doubts from the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Fistful of Vengeance ending explained in detail:

Failed measures

Tommy, with the help of his friend Preeya (Francesca Corney), manages to sneak into the place of the meeting with Kai and Lu Xin. Unlucky for them, Ku is already on a rampage and kills the Triad bosses, consuming their Chi as well.

Noticing she’s being hunted, Ku uses her powers and mind controls all the people into attacking the protagonists, who barely escape with their lives. She then sends Uncle Six’s former right-hand woman, Zan (JuJu Chan), after Kai, tempting her with power in exchange for his life.

Kai is shocked to see his adoptive stepfather’s old alias trying to kill him but he manages to fend her off and survives. They finally have some good luck when Interpol officer Zama (Katrina Grey) – who knows Lu Xin from an old job they worked together – arrives to escort them to safety.

After another bout with Ku’s mindless minions, they escape to Preeya’s old abode and get acquainted with a local shaman, Chatree, who tells them a bitter truth.


The protagonists find out that William lied to them and is actually working with Ku. Chatree reveals that the siblings are two halves of a whole and their goal is to reform into Pangu and reshape the world in his image.

However, in order to achieve that, they need Kai’s Chi which they can then combine with their own. The group believes that Kai is safe in the magically enchanted village for the time being until Preeya’s mind is poisoned by William and Ku.

They offer to bring back her dead family in exchange for letting their army into the sacred space and she obliges, also stealing the half of the talisman that Jenny had taken from Ku.

Having no other choice, Kai, Lu Xin and Tommy fight the henchmen and escape, but Chatree is killed. Kai is frustrated and knowing that it is his essence that the siblings need to reform, he still decides to face-off against them.

This is when Tommy also figures out that William’s company dig site which was being excavated is also where the first Wu Assassin split Pangu.


The lead trio heads to the dig site and battle their way through numerous foes. Preeya also realises her mistake and redeems herself by helping Tommy and Zama kill Ku. Kai also eliminates Zan after their rematch.

Unfortunately, in a twist of fate, William succeeds in absorbing Kai’s Essence, joins the talisman and reforms as Pangu. With a fresh surge of power, the evil entity is able to put Lu Xin under his spell and forces Kai to fight him.

The Godly apparition is pleased with his little trick, however, he underestimates Kai’s fighting abilities and his friendship with Lu Xin, who is able to break out of the spell. With the help of Tommy, Zama and Preeya, they succeed in splitting the talisman again and destroy William for good.

The group is then seen celebrating their world saving efforts with a much deserved beach holiday. In the closing moments of the film, Kai reveals that he needs to go battle a necromancer, hinting at a sequel.

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