Fast & Feel Love ending explained: Does Kao win the competition?

Fast & Feel Love is a Netflix comedy film about Kao, who aspires to be the world’s fastest cup stacker, and his girlfriend Jay, a young woman taking care of her boyfriend. Jay dumps Kao, so he learns the fundamentals of adulthood and strives to win her back.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The school guidance counsellor is engaging with a lot of high schoolers. She tells them that their hopes for the future are unrealistic and compels them to make more practical plans.

Enter Kao, whose aim is to become the world’s fastest cup stacking competitor in the world. She warns him that it isn’t a true sport, but he insists that he will succeed.

Jay, a young girl with no dreams of her own, meets Kao. She feels like an ordinary girl with no ambitions or qualities, but Kao assures her that kindness is her virtue.

Once they start to click, Kao asks her out. They also get a house and move in together.

She intends to help Kao achieve his dream. Over the years, she helps by enabling and providing him with a positive environment in which he may perfect his speed and become a champion in cup stacking.

While Kao spends his entire day stacking cups, she takes care of the house, the bills, the food, and the cleaning.

There is a two-month online cup stacking championship whose winner will have the opportunity to go to America. 

Jay aids Kao in his goal of victory but she realises that she wants to stay and have children rather than move to America. 

A culmination point occurs when she tries to talk to Kao about it but he doesn’t give her a second of his time since his mind is only focused on stacking. She realises she’s with a man who doesn’t have time for her or understands her and thus,  she leaves him.

He decides not to call her since he believes any drama in his life will only affect his speed. But reality hits Kao. He is a man child with no social or adulting skills who now has to deal with life.

His record also gets broken by an 8-year-old Columbian boy and he is a mess. His performance and speed also deteriorate since he cannot focus. 

While Jay considers her options by seeing a gynaecologist, Kao hires a maid to assist him with everyday chores. 

When he finally caves and sees Jay, she decides to teach him the essentials of adulthood so he can cope and get by in life.

She says she wants to sell the house and go on with her life, but he objects. He promises to be with her and chooses her, but she advises him to pursue his dreams and let go.

He gradually begins to understand the 10 years of Jay’s life that she gave up for him while he dealt with nothing. He calls her and agrees to sell the house.

In his free time, he also teaches stacking. A little girl Pai Liu breaks the world record but she refuses to compete in the competition. She likes stacking for fun. He asks for her help and she decides to teach him.

Will Kao be able to get his speed back and win the competition? Will he be able to earn back Jay’s love?

Fast & Feel Love ending explained in detail:

Is Pai Liu able to help Kao retrieve his speed?

Pai Liu begins to assist him as there is not much time left before the tournament ends, but he is interrupted by matters like paying the electricity bill or going to the bank.

His mother, maid, and others show up to assist him. 

He is encouraged to embrace the drama and commotion of life by Pai Liu. She tells him that normal, isolated situations lack the constraints that foster creativity. 

She explains to him that she also broke the record while her parents were fighting and she used the stress as a power source. She counsels Kao to do the same.

Does Kao win the competition?

During this time, Kao receives a call from a potential home buyer. Kao agrees to sell it. 

He informs Jay about this over the phone. They both are sad since the time has come and they have to part ways. 

It’s all real now and this hits Kao. He utilises it as a source, breaks the stacking record and wins the competition.

What happens with Jay and Kao?

They both meet at the land office during the sale. She congratulates him while he apologises for the 10 years he cannot give back to her. He tells her that he could not have succeeded without her.

He then backs out from selling the house. She tells him it is a foolish thing but he says he wants to live in a place where he can feel their time and memories together.

They cordially part ways. He believes Jay will always be her family.

He is living alone in his house and has picked up the basics of adulthood. He visits her mother often too. He takes a suitcase and prepares to leave on a new journey.

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