Farzi ending explained: Does Sunny leave with Firoz?

In Farzi, an artist, Sunny, creates a perfect fake note and gets into the business of counterfeiting currency, but there is a cop who is determined to go to extreme lengths to stop the business. The show is now streaming on Prime Video. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sunny is a small-time artist who lives with his grandfather, Madhav, and his best friend, Firoz. Madhav owns a printing press and runs a Hindi magazine, Kranti. Madhav is an idealist who aims to change the world with his thoughts.

Sunny’s mother died at a young age, and his father was a crook who made him change cities frequently. One day, Sunny’s father abandoned him on a train. Sunny kept drawing on stations to send a message to his father, hoping he would return.

Firoz was also abandoned by his father. He meets Sunny and befriends him. The two start making money from Sunny’s drawings at the stations until Madhav finds them and takes the two boys home with him.

Sunny and Firoz were raised by Madhav and had their fair share of financial difficulties, along with Madhav and his employees. As the two grew up around the printing press, Sunny learned to be an artist from his grandfather, and Firoz learned everything about printing.

Since his childhood, Sunny has always been reminded of the class difference that exists around him. His girlfriend, Ananya, makes it clear that she cannot marry him because of the difference in their class and status. 

Madhav had taken loans to keep Kranti running, and now the creditor threatens to shut down his press if he does not return the sum within a month. Sunny and Firoz try to put together enough money to save the press, but nothing works in their favor.

When their friend, Anees, who is involved in illegal businesses, introduces them to a rip-off business, Sunny decides to make a currency note. He convinces Firoz to join him in counterfeiting currency, as this is the only way to save the printing press.

Meanwhile, an officer of the law named Michael and his junior, Shekhar, locate a wanted criminal, Mansoor Dalal, in Nepal. Michael has been chasing Mansoor for a while now, but Mansoor slips out of his hand once again after killing one of Michael’s juniors.

Sunny and Firoz’s first attempt at creating a fake five hundred-rupee note fails, but they soon realize that they failed because they used the wrong paper. They start looking everywhere for the right paper. Once they find it, they create the perfect fake note with Sunny’s talent and Firoz’s knowledge.

Megha, a young RBI employee, develops CT-600, a software that is efficient in catching fake currency notes, but she struggles to convince the politicians to launch it.

Michael wants to create a task force to tackle the problem of counterfeiting currency, and he blackmails a politician, Gahlot, to fulfill his demands. Michael has blackmailed him several times in the past using the compromising pictures of Gahlot in his possession.

Through Anees, Sunny and Firoz get in touch with Lakde, who buys fake notes worth 10 lakhs from them and gives them another order of two crores. Sunny introduces himself as “Artist” rather than giving his real name to him. Madhav’s loyal employee, Yasir, agrees to help Sunny and Firoz save the magazine. 

Sunny and Firoz borrow an additional sum of money to get the resources for the order. The two also steal the paper that is required to print the notes, as the paper cannot be bought from the market without a written permit.

They manage to pay the creditor and save the printing press by fulfilling the order, but Sunny realizes that Madhav’s health is declining. Furthermore, Sunny does not want to put an end to his business despite Yasir’s warnings.

Sunny goes to a restaurant and pays the bill with the notes he has made. Megha goes to the same restaurant and gets one of the notes. She immediately recognizes the note as a fake because of her experience and realizes that it is a supernote that even her software cannot catch.

Michael gets the task force that he has been demanding; the task force has one member from every department, and it is named CCFART. Megha, who feels that the fake note that she caught is not being investigated, persuades Michael to let her join his task force.

Sunny gets an order of 20 crores from MLA Kesaribhai Doshi. To expand their business, Sunny and Firoz register a fake printing company called MKG Publishing. This time, they get the paper legally, claiming that their company will be printing directories.

Megha tries to convince Michael to catch the person whose note she got from the restaurant, but he tells her that their priority is catching Mansoor. She then signs an order in his name and gets the police to help her search the local printing presses. 

She almost catches Sunny and Firoz in the act, but Michael orders her to return at the last moment. 

Sunny and Firoz successfully deliver their order across the state border but return home to find out that Madhav now knows everything. An angry Madhav asks them to leave his house and go away immediately.

Later, Madhav suddenly goes missing. He is found wandering about in an alley nearby, and he does not remember anything about catching Sunny and Firoz’s fraud. They take him to the hospital and discover that he is suffering from dementia. He needs a very expensive and complicated surgery to recover.

On the other hand, Michael’s task force launches Dhanrakshak, a scanner that uses the software developed by Megha to catch fake notes. The scanners are installed in various parts of the country, which creates problems for Mansoor’s business.

Shekhar tells Megha that in the past, Michael and his partner, Dave, found counterfeit currency in a drug bust. The two almost exposed the whole cartel, but Mansoor, to stop them, framed them and filed 13 cases against them.

Gahlot got Michael’s charges dropped, but he was still suspended. Both Michael and Dave got demoted, and Dave soon killed himself. Michael started drinking a lot, and his wife, Rekha, left him and took their son, Vyom, with her.

Mansoor finds out about the currency created by Sunny and Firoz that does not get detected by Dhanrakshak. He kidnaps them and offers to make a deal with Sunny, but not without a veiled threat; he wants Sunny and Firoz to work for him, and in exchange, he would help them get rich.

Despite refusing initially, Sunny ends up taking the offer. Mansoor flies Sunny and Firoz to the Middle East and provides them with the best infrastructure. The two then end up making a perfect two-thousand rupee note. 

Michael manages to catch Bilal, one of Mansoor’s most important henchmen, in Bangladesh. He also gets Bilal to tell them everything about Mansoor’s business, his new employee who is known as Artist, and the new notes he is creating that cannot be detected by Dhanrakshak. Bilal even has a man in Mansoor’s circle spying on him. 

Mansoor is visited by Saira, who tells him that the high command is unhappy with the way he is conducting business. Mansoor decides to make Sunny Bilal’s substitute. 

Mansoor gets an appointment with one of the best surgeons for Madhav’s surgery and even pays for it. Yasir tries to warn and stop Sunny from working with Mansoor, but Sunny disrespectfully pushes him aside. 

As per Mansoor’s wishes, Sunny befriends Megha, who does not know him, to learn what Michael’s task force has been planning. He installs a software on her phone that allows him to keep an eye on her communication. Sunny continues to get close to Megha. 

Mansoor wants Sunny to find a way to get a shipment of counterfeit currency worth 12,000 crores to India. However, it gets harder and harder with Michael’s task force monitoring them closely with Bilal’s help. Sunny, in turn, monitors the task force through Megha’s communication.

Left with no choice, Sunny and Firoz buy a ship that is being brought to India to get dismantled to ship the currency. However, a sudden police raid on the port of Alang forces them to leave the currency in the sea and abandon the ship on Mumbai’s beach. 

Sunny and Firoz later go back to retrieve the currency containers and successfully bring the currency to India. The two get rich overnight and live the life of their dreams.

Even with their work done, Sunny does not end his relationship with Megha and uninstalls the tracking software from her phone because he falls in love with her. 

Megha soon notices an “s”, the distinct sign left by the one who designed it, on the note that she found in the restaurant and forms a link between that and the notes given by Bilal. 

Michael pays a visit to Kesaribhai Doshi, knowing that the CBI had found fake currency worth 20 crores with him. Michael once again seeks Gahlot’s help to drop get the charges against Doshi dropped in order to receive his help in catching Artist. 

He even makes amends with Kamala, the reporter who was responsible for getting him demoted in the past. He gets her to leak the news about fake currency to the public.

With Doshi’s help, the task force lays a trap to catch Sunny. Doshi gives him an order of 100 crores, but Sunny is reluctant to take it. Meanwhile, Mansoor faces immense pressure from his superiors to release the currency that Sunny and Firoz shipped to the market.

Mansoor comes to India, kills Bilial’s informant right in front of Sunny and Firoz, and orders them to circulate the currency immediately. Scared and left with no other choice, Sunny and Firoz take Doshi’s order, which requires Sunny to personally deliver the currency.

Farzi ending explained in detail:

Does Michael divorce Rekha?

Rekha wants to divorce Michael, but he refuses to agree to it. He fights for the custody of their son, Vyom, in court, even though he cannot take care of him for one full day.

Rekha visits him and tells him that their relationship has already ended. She convinces him to part ways without being hostile to each other in court. Michael finally comes to terms with it and agrees to the divorce.

They mutually divide their assets, and Rekha gets custody of their son. She moves out of the house they used to share before their separation, and Michael moves into it after biding his son goodbye.

Does Michael catch Sunny?

Michael’s team waits for Sunny at the designated location, the parking area of a mall. Sunny and Firoz arrive in separate cars. When Sunny does not show up in time with the order, Megha gets out of the car to check the parking area. 

Sunny discovers that it is a trap when he sees Megha and flees the scene with the task force hot on his heels. He abandons his car and gets into Firoz’s car, which is stopped by Michael.

Michael questions them and checks their identity cards, as he finds them suspicious. However, when Michael is informed that Artist has abandoned his car, Sunny drives past Michael to escape. Michael’s task force and the police pursue them into the traffic.

When they come close to catching them, Sunny asks Firoz to throw the fake currency out of the car, which causes confusion and disturbance on the road, with everyone trying to get some notes for themselves, allowing the two men to escape yet again.

Why is Madhav killed?

Michael leaks the information about Mansoor to the press, compromising his anonymity, and gets Gahlot to push for his extradition. Saira visits Mansoor once again and asks him to leave, as the high command cannot protect him.

Sunny and Firoz are in hiding. To figure out whether the task force knows about their identity or not, Sunny visits Megha, but she does not know yet that Sunny is Artist.

Mansoor wants Sunny and Firoz dead, as the two know too much about his business at this point to be spared. Jamal, Mansoor’s henchman, and Jitu, Mansoor’s right-hand man, picks them up under the guise of taking them to a safe house. 

Sunny gets suspicious and sends his live location to Anees, who comes to their rescue at the last minute. However, Sunny then finds out that Mansoor burned down their printing press with Madhav inside. Yasir tells him that Madhav died in the fire.

Does Sunny leave with Firoz?

Anees makes the arrangements to send Sunny and Firoz out of the city. Sunny promises to meet Firoz, who is reluctant to leave without him, at the train station.

Sunny goes to the warehouse where the counterfeit currency is stored. He kills Jamal and other men, getting stabbed in the process, before shooting Jitu. He then picks up Mansoor’s video call on Jitu’s phone and makes him watch as he burns down all the currency that was stored there.

Mansoor cries and begs him not to do it, but Sunny does it to get revenge for Madhav’s death. He then promises Mansoor that he is coming for him.

When Sunny does not show up at the station, Firoz boards the train and leaves the city without him. Meanwhile, Megha waits as a software works to produce a clear image of Artist that was captured by a CCTV camera.

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