Fanatico ending explained: Does Lazaro achieve his dream?

Fanatico is Netflix drama series about a young man who gets a chance to stand in the shoes of his celebrity idol but eventually realizes that the life to be led is not all that spectacular. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Salva is a famous musician who performs under the stage name Quimera. He’s got a rabid fan following who are eagerly waiting for him to come out and perform at a club. At that very moment, Quimera is getting high as a kite in his dressing room.

His buddy Pompa and manager, Hector, are trying to get him out because the concert is already delayed and the fans could possibly get impatient.

Lázaro is a young man working as a delivery boy and is currently out on a delivery. He gets a call from his girlfriend, Clara, who is at the concert waiting for him. He assures her that he’ll finish one last delivery and then get into the concert even though she has her doubts.

He arrives at the venue dressed like one of the event crew and manages to sneak his way in. He meets up with friends who discuss the fact that Lazaro has always bore a likeness to Quimera. Lazaro splits off from then and makes his way backstage.

Lazaro comes face to face with Quimera just before he goes on stage but onstage tragedy strikes as Quimera dies of an overdose mid-performance.

Lazaro decides to go to the funeral where several other fans are camping outside the church celebrating the musician’s life while the family is grieving inside. Pompa is the reason those fans are out there and he is generally despised by everyone else around.

Lazaro posts a video of himself from the funeral and after it goes viral, he gets an idea. He leans on his resemblance to Quimera and gets a similar tattoo and has his hair dyed the same colour. He breaks into the club with Clara and recreates Quimera’s death timeline.

As they’re being chased out of the club by security, the police arrive and rather than run away, Lazaro gets caught by the cops with some fans nearby assuming he’s the real Quimera and posting the video of his arrest online.

Lazaro is released the next day and he sneaks into a party disguised as one of the waiters. The party is held in honour of Quimera and when the band begins playing one of his songs, Lazaro stumbles on stage claiming that Quimera is still alive and makes a nuisance of himself.

Security tries to throw him out but Pompa is impressed by him and takes him to the bar. When the bartenders tell Pompa that he’s cut off for the night, Pompa and Lazaro leave the party and head home.

The next morning, Mia, who was Quimera’s creative director and girlfriend, sees Lazaro and is annoyed that he’s there. She asks Pompa to get him out of her house so they leave.

Lazaro gets a call from Clara about hanging out but he tells her he’s busy. They meet Hector at an art gallery and Hector tries to get Lazaro on as his client to carry on Quimera’s name but Lazaro doesn’t exactly trust him.

Meanwhile, Pompa is trying to get his own start and asks Hector to present his tracks to the record label but no one takes Pompa seriously because he doesn’t have real talent.

In the hopes of winning him over, Hector and Pompa hold a party at Mia’s house and everyone is invited. Lazaro enjoys himself but Mia is not happy with someone tarnishing her late boyfriend’s legacy.

Clara arrives at the party and she’s also annoyed that her boyfriend is being distant and partying with strangers rather than spending time with her.

Mia faces up to Lazaro and calls him out for what he’s doing. They start making out which signals the end of the party but Mia only wants to embarrass and demean Lazaro in front of everyone.

Clara sees this right before her eyes and leaves in disgust. Mia sees how pointless the ordeal is and stops to smoke. Lazaro joins her and tells her that he just wants to be somebody and honour the legacy of his idol.

Hector and Lazaro have a meeting with the record label executives to present their plan going forward along with Quimera’s father. Pompa comes along but he’s not allowed in the meeting, something that infuriates him.

After much deliberation, they come to a deal and Lazaro gets ready to live life as Quimera reborn. Pompa is not happy with these developments and accuses Lazaro and Hector of selling out and leaving him behind.

Lazaro then takes part in a photo shoot to promote his upcoming concert and then makes an appearance at a talk show where he makes acts like a complete douche but somehow still comes out a star.

When they walk out of the building, Pompa pulls up in a car with two other guys and they beat up Lazaro for his betrayal.

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What happens between Lazaro and Clara?

Clara and Lazaro were a ride-or-die couple. She was the one who dyed his hair and did his tattoo and basically helped him “become” Quimera.

It was their dream to get big together so that they can live in a big penthouse with a terrace. But after Lazaro gets a taste of the fancy lifestyle, he immediately leaves Clara behind.

After getting beaten up by Pompa, he spends some time by himself and then goes to meet Clara to apologise. She’s already moved on, however, and has taken his job doing deliveries. She accepts his apology but tells him that it’s over between them.

Does Lazaro fix things with his mother?

Lazaro constantly avoids his mother. She is always calling Clara to find out how he’s doing.

Whenever she tries to make plans to have lunch with him and Clara, Lazaro comes up with an excuse to not attend. After he quits his job as a delivery person, he doesn’t inform her because he knows that she will nag him about it.

After his beating at the hands of Pompa, he finally visits home in search of Clara. He tries to convince his mother that he’s going to make things better with his new life and get her a new house.

She’s not interested in any of it and tells him that she’s made her choices and she’s happy to live with them, she doesn’t need his charity.

Does Lazaro end up performing his first concert?

After he’s given the cold shoulder by his mother and now ex-girlfriend, Lazaro later finds himself getting ready for his first concert as Quimera. The plan is for him to just move his mouth a little while the playback is on.

He’s slowly starting to feel the pressure of this life that he got himself into and begins to have doubts. Just as he’s about to go onstage, he has second thoughts and tries to make a run for it.

He puts on a hoodie and tries to sneak out through the crowd but he gets recognized as the crowd lifts him up and sends him toward the stage. He takes a moment to accept the situation that he’s gotten into and then proceeds to embrace his new life and perform as his former idol, Quimera.

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