Ezra Haddad: Extrapolations character explained

Ezra is one of the characters that exists in the core, continuous storyline that span decades in Extrapolations, and recently, he returns to continue and conclude his family’s legacy in one of the most painful episodes of the show.

Ezra Haddad works with a personal application called Pack in the year 2066. He provides others services by impersonating their loved ones who are not with them for whatever reasons.

He uses memories of their loved ones to improve the sensory experience he’s able to deliver. However, all these memories take up space, and that’s one thing he’s running out of inside his mind.


Ezra Haddad was born to Omar Haddad and Rebecca Shearer in Adirondack Mountains, NY, USA. He was deprived of his father at a very early age due to the raging monsoon storms in Manilla while he was at work.

Both of his parents play significant roles in the rapid climate change that affects the Earth of the future.

Omar, who was a politician, represented Algeria in the global meeting discussing water scarcity and access to water purification technology. In the end, the politician succumbs to the calamity that climate change has turned into.

Omar and Rebecca Extrapolations
Omar Haddad (left) & Rebecca Shearer (right)/Image for representation purposes only (source: Apple TV+)

His mother works as a marine biologist and years after her husband and mother’s deaths, she works with the Menagerie, attempting to connect with the supposedly last surviving humpback whale in the world.

At the end of her tenure working with the whale, she helps the majestic creature break out of the facility where the capitalist institution keeps her by lying and deceit, and before moving to a new place, Rebecca takes Ezra for a swim in the ocean and shows him the whale. It’s all the more tragic in episode 6 when Ezra forgets this precious memory he had with his mother.

Summer Heart & fickle brain

Before his birth, Rebecca fears bringing her child into a world rife with so many troubles, and her fears are justified, being realized when Ezra is born with a condition called Summer Heart.

He can’t be exposed to the sunlight for long or it will trigger the condition, which can also be caused by emotional stress. He suffers through it for his entire childhood. It’s until he becomes an adult and eventually gets married to Lola that a medical advancement emerges and rolls out an experimental new treatment for Summer Heart.

Unfortunately, while he gets cured, the treatment fails to work on Lola, and she, along with her unborn child, dies as a result. Later, Ezra would still suffer from the condition and the treatment, and while his heart was cured, his brain began being impacted adversely.

In the year 2066, he’s already lost a lot of brain cells and the decay is significant as his vascular dementia takes a great toll on him. To remember his time with Lola, he uses Cache Cloud, a service one can use to store and watch the memories as recordings.

Memories melt away

As his storage, which the subscribers must pay a fee to extend, begins depleting, he starts getting rid of many memories that include his mother, grandmother, and precious moments of childhood. By the end of episode 6, he’s gotten rid of all his memories, including those of Lola.

When he sees an ad for the Menagerie 2100, announcing the return of the humpback whale, he’s drawn to the ad, but can’t quite connect it to the memory of meeting the last whale with his mother. Moments later, he sees an ad for Exowomb, and it uses the footage from one of his precious memories with Lola.

Again, Ezra is unable to recognize who this woman is, since all his memories of her are extremely blurry, almost unknown to him now. In a tragic moment, Ezra moves away from the visuals of his late beloved who he once held so close to his heart and whose memories he fought so hard to preserve.

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