Everybody Loves Diamonds summary and ending explained

Everybody Loves Diamonds is a thriller series loosely based on the “Antwerp Diamond Heist” which is considered the biggest theft of diamonds in history. The series is streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Leonardo Notarbartolo, Ghigo, Sandra, and Alberto successfully rob the Antwerp Diamond Center on Valentine’s Day and head back to their base to get rid of the evidence. They go their separate ways and promise to lay low until it is safe.

Inspector Mertens of the Diamond Police Squad is in charge of finding out who is behind the theft, and his hopes of getting a medal from the King are scuppered because of it.

He finds a bag of diamonds left behind and that acts as their first clue and gets to work. Leonardo shows up at the center the next day in the guise of an ordinary jeweler.

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The CEO, Judith Dewitt comes into his office to inform him that his safe deposit box was one of the many that was opened and cleaned out. Leo acts distraught and speaks to his wife, Anna, about the tragedy.

Anna’s father is a Carabinieri General who tells him that he shouldn’t worry because Inspector Mertens is the real deal and will find the culprits. However, Leo is one step ahead, as the diamonds left behind were synthetic and kept there just to delay the investigation.

Mertens gets a lucky break when a garbage bag is found at the side of a highway with evidence, including a receipt for tools with Leo’s name on it. They immediately arrest him, and he concludes that he was betrayed by someone on his crew.

Leo has always been a thief since he was a child, but he tried to go straight when he became a driver for Levi, an elderly jeweler. Levi takes him to the Diamond Center and Leo is enthralled by how much loot is in there.

He gets inspired to carry out a job and assembles a crew. He visits his old friend, Ghigo, who is an alarms expert. Next up is Sandra, a lock-pick expert and the daughter of their regular lock-pick who is in jail. Finally, Leo recruits his brother Alberto, who is an excellent hacker.

He convinces them of the plan to rob the Diamond Center and promises to do the initial groundwork. With Levi’s help, he learns how to be an established jeweler and successfully gets an office inside the Diamond Center.

He surveils the place and figures out an initial plan to rob the place.

While he’s in prison, Leo is visited by a lawyer named John Lovegrove who represents the dangerous people who owned the diamonds that Leo stole. He says that he’ll help if Leo tells them where the diamonds are.

Meanwhile, Mertens visits Simon Van De Velde for some information. Simon was the last person to try and rob the center but he was caught by Mertens in the case that launched his career.

While Leo and his crew find obstacles in their heist, Leo goes through some romantic tussles, as his wife gets frustrated because of the time they spent apart. At the same time, Leo attempts to woo Judith and use her to get important documents.

He gets in over his head because Judith has some risque proclivities that are beyond Leo’s comprehension. Anna travels to Antwerp to surprise Leo but she finds out about the heist instead.

She asks to join in, much to the annoyance of the others. In the present day, Anna travels to Antwerp to see Leo in prison but learns about the truth between him and Judith which makes her very angry.

Alberto finds out that it was Sandra and Ghigo who betrayed Leo by placing the receipt in the bag. Their doubts begin when Anna joins the team, and Sandra suggests betraying Leo because it is what he deserves.

Simon sends Mertens on a wild goose chase which ruins his reputation, and when he goes after Simon, he finds him missing. A man named Gerald Kahn has Lovegrove followed and has a special interest in the diamonds, but he remains in the shadows.

Anna visits Alberto after the heist and tells him that they must avenge Leo for the betrayal. When Leo finds out, he tells Alberto that Anna conned him and is after the diamonds for herself.

Anna visits Ghigo and tells him that she wants her share of the diamonds or else she will turn them in to the police. He and Sandra agree to the demands.

Everybody Loves Diamonds ending explained in detail:

Who is Lovegrove’s client?

Lovegrove finally arrives with a letter for Leo’s release and on his way out, he is stopped by one of the other prisoners. They had offered Leo phone services and they wanted their payment before he escaped.

After settling that issue, Leo steps outside to find Lovegrove’s real client waiting for them. It turns out to be Simon Van De Velde who claims that Leo only succeeded because he copied Simon’s plan.

Lovegrove tells Leo that he recorded all of their meetings so he has enough evidence to turn him over to the police so Leo agrees to tell them where the diamonds are.

Where are the diamonds hidden?

Anna tells Ghigo that she wants her share immediately, so they head to Antwerp with Sandra to get them. Leo tells Alberto to follow them and make sure he isn’t spotted.

Leo says that they hid the diamonds in the last place anyone would look. They opened a safe deposit box under a fake identity in the vault, and the authorities aren’t allowed to search the unopened boxes as a matter of privacy.

Ghigo puts on fake prosthetics to disguise himself as the fake identity and retrieve the diamonds.

Who is Gerald Kahn?

While Leo is with Lovegrove and Simon, some other cars catch up and stop them. It is Gerald’s men who are after Leo, so they take him and leave Lovegrove and Simon behind.

Gerald tells Leo that he is one who launders the money of the dangerous individuals of the world through diamonds, and he will actually hurt Leo unless he gets them back.

After some torture, Leo tells him the plan, and Ghigo, Sandra, and Anna are picked up right after they get the diamonds. Sandra opens the box in front of everyone but it turns out to be empty.

Leo convinces Gerald that Ghigo and Sandra must have taken them earlier and are acting now. Gerald takes Sandra and Ghigo for interrogation and lets the rest go.

What happened to the diamonds?

Anna storms off with Leo chasing after her. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything to do with him ever again after learning what he did with Judith.

She says that if the diamonds were there, maybe she could forgive him over time. That is when Leo tells her that he knows exactly where they are.

Leo felt that Sandra and Ghigo were acting shifty, so he planned a contingency. He asks Levi for his safety deposit box which is just below the fake one they got.

Leo hid the diamonds there and asked Levi to retrieve them for him afterward. Leo goes in with Anna to get the diamonds while Leo and Alberto wait in the car.

Levi steps out of the diamond center with his cut but there is no sign of Anna. She once again betrays him and gets away with the rest of the diamonds.

Gerald has his men following Anna because he knew she had something to hide.

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