Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man explained

Eternity Devil is the latest antagonist to give Denji and his friends a run for their money while laughing at the chaos and conflict it creates among them. Here’s what the Devil borne out of a profound fear is all about.

Denji has been on a consistent run dealing with one Devil after another. The latest instalment of the diabolical dance routines that he does with the Devils is courtesy of the Eternity Devil.

The wider mission is to track down the Gun Devil and kill it. Makima has tasked Denji with it, and the enthused rookie has taken on the job with haste and no second thoughts since it carries with it pretty big stakes for him —Makima’s sexual favours.

However, the Gun Devil is the big bad and to get to the boss, Denji has to first trudge through the little ones (that are still pretty formidable foes).

The latest in the series of Devils Denji will contend with until he faces the big one is the Eternity Devil.

Profound origins

As the title tacitly explains, the Devil is the embodiment of humanity’s fears of eternity. It’s a concept that encapsulates everything and implies infinity.

People are afraid of infinity, the idea that there’s no end to things, which can understandably trigger anyone’s existential dread.

The titular Devil thrives off of this fear and does so with great enjoyment.

Humble beginnings

The first time Denji and his colleagues at Public Safety confront the Devil, he’s only a head attached to two feet. The size is similar to that of a pumpkin, if that pumpkin could talk, lunge, and was sentient.

Chainsaw Man eternity devil
Image credit: Ani-One Asia

The group goes into the hotel expecting a bigger Devil but is distracted by this little diabolical creature. Power takes no time bashing the unsightly being to death in a single shot.

Her haste with the violent action comes at a big cost, later on, when the little Devil returns, this time with radical changes in his anatomy.

He blew up

Eternity Devil is changed after Power bashed him to a pulp. On his second return, Aki notices that he is a changed Devil now. The most prominent change is in its stature and size — he’s really big now.

Denji and othe rs behold as the Devil grows into a massive blob of flesh from the tiny head-on-foot abomination he once was.

Chainsaw Man eternity devil
Image credit: Ani-One Asia

There’s another peculiarity, and that’s the ability to grow more the more one cuts it down. The swords do affect him to the extent he feels pain but eventually, it just makes him grow more and expand his blob body.

Power and the whole spiel

Eternity Devil can manipulate reality, the physical 3-D space in accordance with his own will. He can make a spatial loop within which one can get trapped for seemingly forever, running from it will take you back to where you started.

Additionally, the Devil can also make a time loop, the power that Aki takes notice of in episode 6. Due to these a abilities, he gets to distort and manipulate space-time continuum.

Chainsaw Man eternity devil
Image credit: Ani-One Asia

It’s also revealed in the sixth episode that the spatial and time loop that Aki and others are stuck inside are actually in the innards, stomach to be precise, of the Devil.

Furthermore, there’s also the ability to create and expand into an organic body of blob, that can regenerate and size-up the more one tries to slay it.

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