Emmy: Bodkin character explained

Emmy Sizergh is a competent researcher who tags along true-crime podcaster Gilbert Power and her journalistic idol, Dove, to investigate the mysterious disappearances that took place 25 years ago in Bodkin. Robyn Cara plays the character.

Emmy Sizergh is an optimistic and zealous researcher who aids Gilbert and Dubheasa “Dove” Maloney in the perilous investigations into the mysterious disappearances of three people in Bodkin, which happened over two decades ago.

Her relationship with Gilbert is pretty good and the two share a similar fervor when it comes to podcasting, although later on she gets over him just as much as she’s over Dove, with whom her relationship only gets more and more strained.

Dove but no peace

Emmy sees Dove as her idol and has appreciated and followed her journalistic work for years. She wants to be just like her. 

However, that desire to tread the same path as hers fizzles down a lot soon. Dove is not one for pleasantries and she’s very bitter and rude as a person.

To all of Emmy’s starry-eyed optimism and enthusiasm, there are Dove’s curt responses, pointed sarcasm, passive-aggressive tone, and outright insults. 

Later on, Emmy also sees first-hand, how Dove is just a broken girl inside who doesn’t have her life together, while also struggling to cope with her choices and past. 

Character development

Emmy protests Dove’s methods of digging for truth and extracting it, but she eventually does cave in. She wants to impress Dove and seeks validation from her. 

Over the course of her investigations, she comes to employ a tact similar to Dove, and successfully gets her hands on information crucial and confidential to the people involved. 

Emmy Dove Gilbert Bodkin
Emmy with Dove and Gilbert in Bodkin

She also has a fling in Bodkin, with the tech genius and millionaire Fintan. She has sexual escapades several times while also taking his help in the case, one time even duping him. 

This flame of hers is extinguished in the final episode when Fintan refuses to stop the concert at the festival for Emmy to warn the people about an imminent explosion. 

She manages to think on her feet and save the people from the explosion later on. In Bodkin, she truly comes into her own and shows expert investigative skills, and exhibits great growth in her confidence. 

A new her

Bodkin ends with Emmy Sizergh meeting Daniel at The Guardian, who tells her that Dove praised her a lot for her work in Bodkin. 

With that, he’s about to wrap up their meeting, but she wants more and addresses what she is there for. She asks for the vacant place at the Investigations desk. 

He says she doesn’t have enough experience, but she believes she has plenty. She convinces him by pointing out how she’s the only one who Dove has ever praised. 

Damien can’t argue with that and as Emmy gets up after telling him she’s taking the day off and starts work with the new position on Monday, she has transformed into her new self.

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