How did Ellie get bit for the first time in The Last of Us?

In The Last of Us episode 2, Ellie, Tess, and Joel open up to each other on their trip to the west, during which Ellie discloses how she got bit for the first time.

On their way to the State House, Ellie, Tess, and Joel bond and learn a lot more about each other as the young Ellie sees how the world looks on the other side of the door.

Ellie wonders where the infected ones are; she has heard stories that they swarm all over the open city. Tess tells her that she will know when they will come close.

Ellie admits that she failed to figure out the first time they got close to her. Tess then asks Ellie how she got bit in the first place.

How Ellie received her first bitemark?

Ellie snuck inside the old mall in the QZ. The place is sealed off, boarded up, and no one is supposed to go inside it. Ellie wanted to see what that place looks like.

She explored the place, thinking no one is going to be there. That’s where she first met an infected. It came out of nowhere. She was all alone and thought she got away, but she didn’t.

It is later revealed that Ellie lied about being alone. She was with her best friend, Riley, when she got bit for the first time.

How did Ellie get bit for the first time in The Last of Us? 1
Tess praises Ellie for her courage

The story fascinates Tess, who further asks how old Ellie is, and it turns out that she is only fourteen. Tess admires the amount of courage Ellie has.

It’s been three weeks since that event, and Ellie still hasn’t turned into an infected one like the others. No wonder Marlene and the Fireflies think of her as the cure.

Tess asks whether someone else is coming for her, like a mother, father, or boyfriend. Ellie then reveals that she is an orphan. Therefore, no one is coming for her.

Ellie’s second bitemark

While walking through a museum, the trio encounters two infected ones they call ‘clickers’. These infected ones can’t see, but they hear quite clearly.

The trio fights them off, and during the struggle, Ellie receives her second bite. Joel wonders if the second bite will be the one from which Ellie will turn. She might’ve gotten lucky with the first bite.

Later at the State House, Tess reveals that she got a bite too. Compared to Ellie’s bitemark, her mark has become quite worse, suggesting that she can turn anytime now. Ellie’s mark, on the other hand, has dried out and looks no less than a scratch.

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