Elite season 5 summary and ending explained

Elite is a Spanish thriller series that revolves around of group of students studying in the Las Encinas secondary school and the many different scandals that they get involved in. Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Samuel is being questioned by a detective regarding a confession. He seems to be deep in thought and not focusing on what’s being asked. There’s an image of a body floating in a pool with blood flowing.

It’s the start of the new year at Las Encinas and Benjamin has decided to clamp down on the students with some restrictive rules that do not go down well. Meanwhile, Phillipe is being shunned because the truth about his actions in the past has finally come out.

Ivan is a new student and the son of a football player. He immediately develops a friendship with Patrick but initially insists that he is straight. Isadora is a wealthy influencer who draws close to Phillipe and does everything she can to win him over.

Patrick decides to do something to stand up against his father’s strict rules so he invites everyone to a party where there are no rules or prejudices of any kind. An anything-goes party where everyone can let go of all their inhibitions.

Caye is trying to help Phillipe accept his shortcomings and grow as a person but he’s not ready to go down that path and is instead pulled in by Isadora’s charms and parties with her.

Mencia and Rebe are going through a rough patch as Mencia is pushing Rebe back in the hopes of repairing the relationship with her father. Rebe is still in love with Mencia but reluctantly obliges.

Benjamin decides to drug test the students after their party and when they refuse to take it, he asks them all to vote for one student who will be expelled to save them. When Samuel ends up with the most votes he is expelled for three days and there is more division among the students.

Benjamin is hosting a charity auction at the restaurant where Omar and Samuel work. Ivan meets up with Ari over there and the two of them hook up. Patrick sees this and is comforted by Ivan’s father, with the two of them making out later.

When Omar goes out of the back of the restaurant, he sees a body floating in the lake and drags it back to shore and realizes that it is Armando. He gets the word out to Samuel and Rebe and they tell the truth about how Guzman was the one responsible.

The police suspect Benjamin of the murder and he tries everything to cover up his involvement as Armando and he was secretly stealing their clients’ data. He convinces Samuel to turn himself in so that he can hire his lawyers to fight for him.

Samuel confesses to the murder and is taken in. Benjamin plays hardball on the bail and claims that it is the lawyer’s strategy. The students end up raising the money themselves with the help of Ivan’s father.

The detective tells Samuel that if he can get any information connecting Benjamin and Armando then his name will be cleared. Rebe tells him that there is a sim card that has that information so they plan to look for it at his house.

Isadora is dealing with a drug problem and for that reason, Phillipe distances himself from her. Ivan is devastated because he saw his father and Patrick making out with each other in the pool. Isadora and he decide to skip school and she takes him along with some other students to Ibiza.

Rebe gets the sim card but at the cost of her relationship with Mencia. Isadora and Ivan party hard and Phillipe comes there eventually but after Isadora passes out the other students take advantage of her while Ivan and Phillipe are unable to stop them.

If you have any doubts about the end, here is a complete breakdown.

Elite season 5 ending explained in detail (Episode 8: Your side of the World and Mine):

Considering options

Ari pleads with Samuel not to turn her father in and she is fairly confident that he won’t go through with it. Ivan and Phillipe struggle to remember what happened in Ibiza and check with Isadora if she’s okay and she insists that she’s fine.

Rebe tells Samuel that she and Omar are his real friends and that Benjamin is only using him so he shouldn’t care about breaking up their family. Samuel is caught in two minds and initially asks Rebe to return the sim card to Mencia.

Ivan is already stressed about the previous night and lets it out to Patrick who came to ask him about the message he sent Ari expressing his feelings for Patrick. Phillipe meets Caye and asks her to talk to Isadora to check if she’s okay.

Samuel takes the sim card and heads to the station but Benjamin convinces him to have one last face to face meeting before making his decision.

Any means to hide the truth

Patrick wants to say goodbye to Ivan’s father after hearing that they will be moving to Qatar but he is met with resistance. Benjamin asks Ari to take her siblings out while he meets with Samuel.

Rebe and Mencia are still not sure of how to proceed because they deeply love each other but the situation between them is hopelessly complicated. Before they get ready to leave, Patrick gets a message from Ivan’s father to meet so he ditches his sisters.

Ari and Mencia go to Samuel’s house where Rebe is all by herself. Phillipe and Isadora are having dinner and Phillipe claims that he cares about her and will stand by her side no matter what.

Caye goes to meet Felipe and tells him that she’s done living the high life with those fancy students and is ready to live a normal life and chase her dreams.

Benjamin offers Samuel a fully paid scholarship to Oxford University for his silence but Samuel says that it was never about the money, it was about being accepted by someone he looked up to.

Bonds mended and bonds broken

Ivans’s father brings his son and Patrick face to face and tries to fix things between them. He first thanks Patrick for opening his eyes to the truth about his sexuality. He then says that Ivan is the person he’s in love with and should be with.

He then tells his son that he rejected the move to Qatar because for once his son is having fun and has found friends and love. They share a hug but when they get back to their table, Patrick is gone.

Isadora along with Phillipe goes to the police to report the rape incident that took place in Ibiza.

Samuel has made up his mind and gets up to leave but Benjamin tries to stop him and after a struggle, Samuel falls back and his head on the ground leading to a lot of blood loss.

Patrick shows up just then and Benjamin asks for his help to cover this up but Patrick calls Ari and Mencia. Together with Omar and Rebe, they reach the house where Benjamin tries to stall them but they push past.

After seeing the state of Samuel, Mencia calls the police and they come and arrest Benjamin, leaving the future of Ari, Mencia and Patrick up in the air.

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