Dota: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3 ending explained: Is Davion dead or alive?

In book 3 (season 3) of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, the characters must come to terms with a new version of the world and attempt to resurrect the original one. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the events of Book 2, Slyrak enters Foulfell to take on Terrorblade himself, starting a huge battle with his army and two Eldwurm spirits, which Slyrak loses.

Later, Terrrorblade takes over the mind of Drysi and battles The Invoker, but the latter manages to outsmart him. He reaches out to Davion, Mirana and the rest to take the battle to Terrorblade in Foulfell.

While he wants to battle alone and only wants Mirana to transport him there, they forcefully accompany him, with Davion containing the five Eldwurm spirits that The Invoker possessed.

Selemene tries to bring Fymryn under her control, but she strikes back and takes The Spark from her, essentially becoming Mene, the former Goddess of the moon.

The moment they reach Foulfell, everyone except The Invoker gets stuck in visions of their deepest regret. Terrorblade battles him and backs him into a corner.

The Invoker calls upon Mene, summoning Fymryn, who joins the battle. Davion transforms and battles Terrorblade but is seemingly defeated.

Davion, on the verge of death, catches Terrorblade off guard and destroys him, but dies himself. The Invoker reveals his true colours by harnessing the spirits and using The Forge to create a new world where Filomena is alive.

In this world, many who were originally dead, now live. Filomena, a grown-up in this world, begins to question her father.

After several encounters with Mene, who is also alive in this world, she realises that the entire world is in danger and her father created it to resurrect her.

Mirana also comes to the same realisation after The Oracle shows her visions of her past self. She attempts to bring her original world back as well.

After the Davion in this world dies, Slyrak contacts him in his mind to tell him that he has the Ember Soul, which is responsible for guiding the Pillars of Creation to the Eye; Princess Mirana in the present time. The Ember Soul resurrects his human form and he remembers the old world.

The Invoker tells Filomena his entire truth and that the world had already been recreated countless times. He does not intend to let her meddle.

Those who understand the truth, including Davion, Mirana and Filomena, vow to face The Invoker himself to bring their world back.

The Invoker, however, takes drastic measures. He defeats Zet, the Arc Warden and unleashes the rage of the Primordial Mind. The Mad Moon, supposed to be the prison for the Radiant and Dire forces, crumbles and hurls towards their world, threatening its destruction.

As Mirana attempts to use her powers as the Goddess of the sun, The Invoker transports her to outer space, where there is no sun for her to channel her powers.

The fragments of the Mad Moon hurl towards the world and despite Lina’s valiant attempt to destroy all of them, they end up in an apocalypse.

Only those at The Invoker’s Tower survive this, as he had planned for himself and Filomena.

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What happens to Mene and Mirana?

Mirana, still stuck in outer space as the world meets its end, is saved by Mene. Mirana intends to kill The Invoker for all his actions.

However, Mene pleads with her not to choose this path, as she had done the same before and realised the error of her ways. She suggests that the only way out of this situation is the Worldwurm; Mirana herself.

Why does The Invoker change his decision?

Davion transforms and battles The Invoker but to no avail, nearly dying in the process. Filomena decides to talk to her father directly to dissuade him.

She reveals that she had not actually been cured of The Rot in this world either. The disease is a part of her and cannot just be wished away.

The Invoker confesses that he has always known the truth in his heart but just desired more time with his daughter, accepting her decision to bring the world back to what it was.

How is the world restored?

Filomena figures out that Mirana, being the Eye, inherently possessed the knowledge that took her father thousands of iterations to understand.

Only Mirana can truly use The Forge to recreate her own world but this also would come at a certain cost.

In her world, Davion and Marci are dead. They accept their fate wholeheartedly as Mirana begins to use her power.

She stops mid-way, unable to bring herself to ‘kill Davion’ even if she could live without him. He urges her to go ahead as this is what he wants.

As Mirana and Davion share a kiss, she restores her world, bringing everyone back to the moment before The Invoker used The Forge.

What is the fate of Davion in the original world?

Except for Fymryn, The Invoker and Mirana, those that are present do not remember the events of the other world. Luna wishes to kill him but claims he does not even deserve death.

Fymryn tells her that he knows full well of his sins and that Foulfell now needs to become his prison.

Mirana holds Davion in her hands, distraught by his death. Kaden tells her that he will carry Davion to his home.

Everybody gathers at his grave as Bram remembers his comrade. The series gives no hints of Davion surviving, all but confirming his death.

Is Filomena alive in this world?

Still at Davion’s grave, Fymryn and Mirana decide to reshape the world together as the goddesses of moon and sun.

Mirana gives the book that can summon The Forge away, ensuring that nobody tries to recreate the world again. She is also hinted to be pregnant with her and Davion’s child during this scene as when the shopkeeper asks whether she found what she was looking for, she touches her stomach and gives a smile.

Back when The Invoker was sentenced to a life imprisoned in Foulfell, he gave a smile as soon as they departed, indicating he still had a trick up his sleeve.

Right at the end of Book 3, a familiar figure shows up at The Invoker’s tower. It’s Filomena, who mysteriously gets cured of The Rot. She utters a familiar line from the franchise; “Do you love me?” Drawing the curtains on the season.

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