Does Superboy survive in Titans season 4?

Much like Superman, Superboy has a particular weakness against magic and because of his failings, Conner goes through an attitude change in season 4 of Titans.

Conner is handily dealt with by Mother Mayhem on multiple occasions and this sows seeds of doubt in his ability and the decisions of the team. When he meets Lex Luthor for the first time, he buys into what Lex has to say.

Following Lex’s death, Conner begins to adopt the mannerisms of his human father and also thinks that way, even though his goal is still to save the world by getting rid of the cult of blood.

He gets in touch with Mercy Graves and befriends Sebastian to separate him from Mother Mayhem but isn’t able to find a way to stop him.

Quest for power

When Conner realizes that the Titans are trying to shut down Sebastian’s game, he creates a back door within the server to help them out. He cuts off contact with Mercy and tells Sebastian that once he summoned Trigon, he was going to be sacrificed.

Does Superboy survive in Titans season 4? 1
Superboy learns the error of his ways and chooses to help

After convincing Sebastian that he needs to kill Mother Mayhem, he meets with the team at the site of Project Starfire. He offers to be the one to use the weapon on Sebastian but the weapon isn’t effective.

Brother Blood attacks Conner with a magical blast, instantly killing him. Rachel sees his body later on and they take it with them hoping to find a way to bring him back to life.

Dick uses an experimental concoction of red kryptonite, nitroglycerin, and epinephrine but there is no change in his status. However, he regains a heartbeat during the final battle and arrives just in time to help the Titans defeat Brother Blood.

During the celebrations after, Superboy says that he’s going to finally spend time with Superman and get the flying lessons he was promised.

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