Doctor Slump summary and ending explained

Doctor Slump follows two high school academic rivals who face the worst slumps of their respective lives in their adulthood, and unexpectedly stumble upon each other. The series is available to stream on Netflix. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary 

Yeo Jeong-Woo and Nam Ha-Neul used to be academic rivals of each other during high school. Jeong-Woo goes on to become a famous plastic surgeon while Ha-Neul struggles as an anesthesiologist. 

Unfair treatment from her superiors and constant stressful job afflict her with ailments and she falls into depression, before quitting her job. 

He gets embroiled in controversy and loses all of his assets and wealth after his patient dies of a medical accident. He goes to live in the room at Ha-Neul’s home’s rooftop. 

The two eventually stumble upon each other and slowly they begin growing a beautiful friendship while helping each other out with their respective troubles and mental issues. 

They have a falling out because they both feel like they are a burden upon the other one. Meanwhile, people with grudges also try to keep them apart from each other. 

However, Jeong-Woo is finally acquitted as the real criminals of the staged accident are exposed. Meanwhile, his longtime friend and mentor turns out to be a vengeful person with a hand in his downfall. 

He also turns out to be the reason why Nam Ha-Neul doesn’t have success yet. He’s defeated and dies, but Ha-Neul is also injured. Jeong-Woo helps her recover and she helps him overcome his trauma. 

The two start dating and work together for a while until Ha-Neul gets a great and befitting job opportunity, with Jeong-Woo helping her and supporting her career wholeheartedly. 

The proposal comes and the two make their bond an official one as Doctor Slump concludes.

Ending explained: 

Min Kyung-Min’s revenge

Min Kyung-Min was Jeong-Woo’s tutor during high school and was hired by his mother to help him get into a prestigious med school. 

He developed a great bond with Jeong-Woo, who he pitied at that time because his parents were cold and distant, and only expected excellence from him. 

One day, Kyung-Min needed some time off to go and pick up his drunk father from the bar. Jeong-Woo’s mother refused to give him a temporary leave, and Kyung-Min later found that his father died in an accident. 

He swore revenge and while he also remained affectionate towards Jeong-Woo, he was also overcome by his impulses for vengeance. Over time, he let it take over him and conscientiously began hurting Jeong-Woo. 

He would later become Ha-Neul’s mentor and become a professor with the help of her work, for which he’d deprive her the credit. She couldn’t do much about this betrayal back then and that’s when her slump began. 

Later on, he crosses the limit when he joins hands with the gangsters to murder a woman who comes to get plastic surgery from Jeong-Woo. He’s charged with the murder but eventually, the real criminals are caught. 

Min Kyung-Min’s lies and crimes are ultimately exposed, and Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo together confront him and try to give him his own medicine. 

Ha-Neul confronts him again about his hand in Jeong-Woo’s medical accident, when the two get in a car accident and are hospitalized. Ha-Neul recovers while Min Kyung-Min succumbs to his injuries. 

Before his death, he apologizes to Jeong-Woo and although he doesn’t forgive him, he gradually learns how to, as well as cherishing the good memories he had with him. 

Nam Ha-Neul ditches the dreary spell

Nam Ha-Neul becomes the professor as the credit she was due is given to her after the truth about Kyung-Min is revealed. 

She gets a great gig but she chooses to not burn herself out from work this time. She begins working a lot better and taking the time out for herself, her family, and Jeong-Woo. 

She also overcomes her clinical depression slowly, with the tremendous help that Jeong-Woo’s companionship brings her. She learns to accept that sad days will come, and know that happy days will follow them. 

She and Jeong-Woo get into a relationship and ultimately get married. 

Jeong-Woo goes back to the clinic

Yeo Jeong-Woo resumes his work as a plastic surgeon again, after his trial ends and the truth is revealed. His reputation which had taken a severe hit is restored to a great extent. 

At first, he suffers from PTSD from the medical accident he blamed himself for, for so long, but it never was his fault. However, Ha-Neul helps him overcome it. 

He later decides to buy his old clinic back and resume his old routine, although this time around he also promises to not overwork himself and start with a limited amount of clients.

He proposes to Ha-Neul and later marries her, as the two promise to be there for each other forever, as Doctor Slump rolls the credits. 

Family & friends

Bin Dae-Yeong and Lee Hong-Ran get into a relationship after the former proposes to her. The two begin dating and have quality time with each other. 

They appreciate each other and find true bliss in each other’s company, as well as prove to be the ideal second parents to each other’s biological child. 

Ba-Da finally decides to leave the life of a pushover and start working at his uncle’s Milmyeon shop. He commits to this job and starts earning enough to take his sister out for dinner and buy his mother purses. 

Ha-Neul’s uncle reunites with his first love after decades and the two get into a relationship with each other. 

Ha-Neul’s mother continues to be proud of her children and works to be the best mother she can be to them. 

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