Diorama (2022) ending explained: Do Frida and Bjorn get back together?

Diorama is a Swedish comedy-drama that follows Frida and Bjorn as their once-passionate marriage ultimately crumbles into another depressing tragedy. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Frida and Bjorn, a happy couple, arrange a party and invite their friends to celebrate moving into a new apartment. After 10 years of marriage, they now have three children, and they are frustrated that one of their kids wakes them up every night, keeping them from getting enough sleep or having time for sex.

Frida and Bjorn are both working parents who are dissatisfied with their chaotic mornings, the same supper every night and their mundane lives.

Frida takes her children out to play one weekend while Bjorn enjoys a break from his stressful job. She runs into her friend Linda and complains about her dull life. She becomes envious when Linda tells her that she is content with her divorced life and that she is dating someone.

That same night, Frida asks Bjorn if he is satisfied with their marriage. They have a heated argument and both admit that they are unhappy with their lives. Frida believes they are simply going through the motions, which is difficult for her with three children and a full-time job.

She also complains about his plans for a motorcycle trip, which she sees as an excuse to escape from his life rather than participate in it. Frida suggests they go to couples therapy, but Bjorn tells her to stop complicating things and that therapy is not the answer to everything.

The scene jumps to Bjorn crashing Frida’s car in front of their apartment and shouting on the street about how she cheated on him. Meanwhile, Frida also accuses him of infidelity. Bjorn decides to leave their apartment, and they both take turns caring for their children, who are suffering as a result of their parent’s divorce.

Frida begins therapy after their divorce, where she admits that she is the one who began it all and is responsible for their shattered marriage. She knows Bjorn is trying to punish her by going to court for custody.

The therapist advises her to learn to deal with the circumstances rather than wait for him to change and accept that they are separated. Meanwhile, Bjorn is struggling to take care of the children.

Frida and her friend Linda visit her apartment after Bjorn takes half of their furniture to his own apartment. However, Frida breaks down when she notices that the majority of the apartment is empty. She’s upset and annoyed because she doesn’t know what to say to the kids.

Diorama (2022) ending explained in detail:

Why do Frida and Bjorn divorce each other?

Frida is dissatisfied with her monotonous life of juggling her children and a full-time job. This sparks a vigorous argument about whether or not they are content with their lives.

Both come to the realisation that they are unhappy in their marriage. She goes on to accuse him of avoiding problems rather than discussing them and conversing with her.

The next day, Bjorn encourages Frida to go out and enjoy herself with her friends, because she needs it the most. Later that night, Bjorn runs into his friend Martin, with whom he has gone on motorcycle trips since they were twenty.

Frida and Bjorn both end up using drugs with their friends and cheating on one another on the same night.

What happens to their kids?

Frida and Bjorn meet at the school for parent meetings. Frida is delighted by Louie’s excellent grades and lack of any academic issues. Meanwhile, Bjorn accuses Frida of being self-centred and causing the kids hardships and misery.

Since he doesn’t want to see Frida, he requests that teachers get in touch with them individually.

Frida begs Bjorn to cease the custody battle on their way home, but Bjorn blames her for destroying their family. Rather than claiming custody, Bjorn decides that the kids will spend Christmas with him at his parent’s house, and she will have them over on New Year’s Eve.

Who do Frida and Bjorn end up with?

After their divorce, Frida and Bjorn try to move on and start dating new people. Bjorn is in therapy, and he’s finally getting better since he’s no longer resentful of Frida.

At their children’s theatrical performance, Bjorn runs into old friend Linda and her ex-husband. Bjorn learns that, despite their divorce, they are still in an open relationship and dating other people. which helps him realise it’s good to be friends with Frida and move on from the painful past.

When Frida and Bjorn see Christine, an old neighbour, after the performance, she discovers that Bjorn is dating her. Since Frida and Bjorn are both happy apart from one another, Frida invites them all to dinner, along with her boyfriend Ben, so that they can all get to know one another.

They all get along well at dinner and have a beautiful, joyous Christmas eve celebration.

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