You’re Nothing Special ending explained: Does Amaia really have powers?

You’re Nothing Special follows Amaia who has newly moved to her mother’s village from Barcelona and finds it hard to adjust. Her life changes when she discovers that she might have inherited her grandmother’s magical powers.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Amaia is having a hard time adjusting to her new life in her mother’s village after living in Barcelona her entire life. She tries to make new friends and meets Javi, her neighbour, who tells her all about her grandmother’s celebrity status in her village because of her magical talents. Javi introduces Amaia to his friends Zhao and Lucia. 

Amaia’s new friends at school force her to perform her grandmother’s spell to test her power and punish the boy, Chivite, who used to harass Javi. Amaia reads the spell and the group goes to a party to verify if it worked. They hear the news about his accident.

Amaia and her group consider the accident merely a coincidence. Jokin, another boy in the school, asks Amaia to perform a love spell and pays her in advance. Tempted by the money, Amaia agrees.

The spell doesn’t work instantly and creates a conflict between Jovin and Amaia. Later, the love spell works, which compels Amaia to perform a similar spell for a classmate, Asier, whom she has been crushing on. Meanwhile, Amaia’s half-sister, Ona, faces racism at her school due to her dark skin.

Amaia investigates the identity of her father. Chivite returns from the hospital and asks Amaia to help him stop the bad incidents happening around him over the past few days. Amaia pushes him to resolve his issues with Javi. 

There’s a group activity at school and Asier asks Amaia to be his partner and Chivite asks Javi. Ona makes seven wishes on a charm bracelet. Amaia shares a kiss with Asier but gets disappointed when he admits the kiss was a mistake. 

When he realises Amaia’s love spell for him is not working, Javi creates a profile on a dating site and matches with a person with no picture. Later, he discovers it is Chivite’s father. Both of them realise it won’t work due to their age difference and part ways. Asier’s girlfriend, Irene, tells Amaia that she thinks she might be a lesbian and asks her to help change her sexuality. 

Amaia gives Irene an amulet that would help her make her tough decisions. Amaia’s mother starts dating her history teacher. Meanwhile, Ona brings more customers to Amaia.

Javi fights with Chivite and blames Amaia for it. Amaia finds a letter from one of her mother’s lovers dating from September 2004 and suspects that it might be from her biological father.

Later, she pretends to care about Irene to get to Asier and plans a tarot reading for everyone when Irene wouldn’t be in the town. Zhao confesses to Lucia his feelings for her and Lucia rejects him. Amaia reads Asier’s cards and predicts a breakup to manipulate him. 

With a lot of conflicts ignited, the group looks forward to Saint John’s eve, the festival of the witches.

You’re Nothing Special ending explained in detail:

Does Amaia meet her father?

Amaia interrogates her mother about the identity of her biological father. Her mother tells her that it was just a hookup and that Moussa, the man who raised her, is her real father.

She finds a break-up letter addressed to her mother. The date on the letter was September 2004, around the time Amaia was conceived.

Amaia takes a bus to find the man and ends up meeting an old-aged married man who she suspects might be related to her father. She eventually finds out that he was the person who wrote the letter and realises that her mother was his extra-marital affair.

She realises that her mother hid the truth from her for protection and gained respect for her. She reconciles with her mother and Moussa.

What happens to Asier and Irene?

Irene breaks up with Asier but doesn’t tell him about her sexuality. She asks Amaia to not tell the truth to anyone.

With Asier single. Amaia tries to hang out with him. He expresses his concerns regarding Irene and the reason behind the break-up. She tells him the truth to give him closure and get closer to him.

The gossip about Irene spreads across the town and when Irene finds out the truth, she throws a drink at Amaia’s face and expresses how disappointed she is with the betrayal.

Amaia finds Asier alone and tries to make a move on him. Asier tells her that he would not be interested in her even if it was not for Irene.

Did Amaia inherit her grandmother’s power?

Chivite comes to Amaia and expresses his suspicions about his magic as it still hasn’t worked. Using the private information Javi gave to her, Amaia reads Chivite’s palm and tells him that there might be a secret withheld by his father.

On the Saint John’s eve, Amaia’s fraud is revealed to Asier when he realises that she predicted his break-up and revealed Irene’s sexuality just to get close to him. Amaia realises that she does not have any real powers and considers moving back to Barcelona.

Javi’s love spell works as he finds out the guy he met on the dating app was indeed a real person and an appropriate match. While Zhao and Lucia decide that they are better off as friends, Zhao ends up kissing Amaia and Lucia makes out with Chivite.

Amaia realises that she still brought a little bit of change to the town and her magic has just begun.

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