Deepa: Scoop character explained

In Scoop, Deepa, played by Inayat Sood, goes from being Jagruti’s mentee to one of the journalists who declare her guilty in the media trials.

In the show, Jagruti is a journalist who has been able to make a name for herself and become the Deputy Bureau Chief and Senior Crime Reporter in just seven years. Jagruti trains a reporter named Deepa, who admires Jagruti and wishes to be like her someday.

Deepa learns and grows while working with Jagruti, but not for the better. When she sees an opportunity to advance her career, she uses everything she has learned to prove that her mentor is guilty, even if that is not true.

Changing for the worse

Initially, Deepa is in awe of Jagruti and obediently follows all her orders. Jagruti knows that Deepa still has a lot to learn, so she does not hand her the reins just yet.

However, she does train Deepa to make connections with important people, like ACP Devrat, who would be able to give her exclusives and confirm her tips. Jagruti directs Deepa to talk to Devrat, who later becomes her source.

When the news about a female reporter being suspected in Jaideb Sen’s murder case gets out, Deepa investigates on her own, and it does not take her long to figure out that the female journalist is none other than Jagruti.

She uses a photographer, Kedar, who works with her and likes her to find out the name of the source for whom Jagruti fought with Jaideb Sen, as she needs to get a motive for Jagruti’s involvement in Sen’s murder.

When she takes this story to Imran, he refuses to run it because he does not think this is news. Deepa then gives this story to another newspaper in exchange for a job there as well as a shared byline.

Scoop Deepa
Imran refuses to publish Deepa’s story

Finding a way to secure a scoop from a story that is rejected by the resident editor is something that she learned from Jagruti, and now she uses it to smear Jagruti. When the story gets published, Jagruti’s life changes overnight, as she goes from being a respected journalist to a murder accused.

On the other hand, Deepa’s moral decline continues, and she soon quits the other job also when her editor refuses to publish fake news about Jagruti. Deepa is then seen telling another journalist that she wishes to quit print and shift to TV because print takes itself too seriously.

Deepa ends up becoming ACP Devrat’s mouthpiece, as she publishes stories given by him in order to get an exclusive without taking into consideration the agenda of the police. Leena notes that Deepa does not have the instincts that made Jagruti successful.

News, for Deepa, is not about taking the responsibility of presenting the truth; it is about being the first one to run sensational stories that entertain the masses.

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