Dasvi summary and ending explained

Dasvi follows the story of an uneducated politician who lands up in jail and decides to spend his time studying for the 10th class exams, while his wife conspires to snatch away his political powers. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ganga Ram Chaudhary (Abhishek Bachchan) is the Chief Minister of Harit Pradesh. He is a highly corrupt politician who does not shy away from showing disdain towards educated people and education. He lives with his wife Bimla Devi Chaudhary (Nimrat Kaur), who’s very much like Ganga Ram and not very educated.

Under charges of corruption, Ganga Ram is sent to judicial custody. Until his return from jail, he decides to pass the CM’s chair to his wife, Bimla Devi. Initially, Bimla Devi struggles to manage the responsibilities of the CM. In jail, Ganga Ram enjoys a comfortable stay thanks to his political influence.

But not for long as Jyoti Deswal (Yami Gautam), a strict police officer whose transfer was initiated by Ganga Ram’s orders earlier, takes charge as the superintendent of the jail. Following a confrontation between Ganga Ram and Jyoti, she tasks him with making chairs at the jail workshop, based on his low educational qualifications.

On the other side, Bimla Devi has developed a knack for politics. She cunningly refuses to transfer Jyoti at Ganga Ram’s request as it would reflect badly on her and the party. Ganga Ram’s brother tries to get him bailed, but the effort goes in vain.

Knowing he will be excused from daily work on the pretext of studies, he pretends to be wanting to give the 10th class exam and places his request in front of the superintendent.

Although hesitatingly, Jyoti concedes to his demand. The news, upon reaching Bimla Devi, surprises her completely.

On his first day, Ganga Ram picks a book and starts reading. But quickly enough, he falls asleep. Jyoti warns him. The same night, unable to find sleep, Ganga Ram reads a line from one of his history books which end up inspiring him.

He develops a keen interest in history, often placing himself amidst crucial historical events in his fantasies. Witnessing his latest antics, people at the jail become suspicious of his actions.

On Bimla’s suggestion, Ganga Ram plans to pretend to have a mental illness, in order to seek asylum in a lavish hospital. However, Ganga Ram is unaware that mentally ill people cannot contest elections. Bimla plans to utilize this opportunity to cease the CM’s post for longer.

But Jyoti foils Ganga Ram’s plan. Quickly after an altercation between them, he suffers a minor heart attack. Jyoti performs CPR on Ganga Ram, saving his life. Hearing of this, Bimla Devi gets insecure and goes on to confront Ganga Ram.

Insulted by Jyoti’s remarks on his education earlier, Ganga Ram promises to give up the CM’s chair if he fails to pass the class 10th exams. The prospect of remaining CM, even after Ganga Ram’s release, excites Bimla Devi.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a detailed breakdown.

Dasvi ending explained in detail:

Trials and tribulations

The other inmates of the jail help Ganga Ram in his preparation by employing some novel techniques to make him learn. Jyoti commends him for the changes in his character, but Ganga Ram refrains from acknowledging any such change.

Later, she assists Ganga Ram with learning Hindi as he finds it difficult to learn. CM Bimla, in a ploy to make sure her husband fails, arranges for the bail of an inmate who’s helping Ganga Ram in his studies.

Knowing Ganga Ram’s weakness, she also manages to influence the date sheet and schedule the Hindi exam as the first one, in order to unnerve Ganga Ram.

Before leaving for his first exam, Ganga Ram pays his respect to Jyoti, who’s been a teacher to him. He realizes his mistakes and expresses his regrets over past choices. Jyoti, meanwhile, receives Ganga Ram’s release papers but keeps the knowledge a secret to allow Ganga Ram to focus on his exams.

With some challenges, Ganga Ram appears for the remaining exams. He finally gets released from jail. Before leaving, he assures Jyoti that the politician in him will not mend his ways. This revelation shocks her.

Ganga Ram Chaudhary returns

Disappointed by the lack of welcome when exiting the jail, Ganga Ram rushes to the party office where he faces Bimla Devi, who has managed to successfully usurp power from him, with the support of the other party members.

Ganga Ram demands support for a dissolution of the current government and calls for an early election. But, he fails to find any resonance among his former loyal colleagues. Failing to attract support within his party, Ganga Ram joins hands with the opposition party.

Using education as an election agenda, Ganga Ram leads his election campaign. The election results and the exam results are expected on the same day. Amidst vote counting, Ganga Ram rushes to the jail to check the exam result.

Judgement day

Much to his surprise, he finds out that he has passed the exams with 57% marks. As a token of gratitude, he gifts Jyoti with a chair he made himself. Later, he wins the elections too.

After his victory, he reconciles with his wife. Surprisingly, instead of assuming the position of the chief minister, he chooses to take oath as the Education Minister of Harit Pradesh.

In the end, Ganga Ram has realised the true power of education and now, wishes to make meaningful changes in the lives of others through his politics. Education has transformed the worldview of Ganga Ram Chaudhary helping him look at the world from a different lens.

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