Dalvin Evans: Good Times (2024) character explained

In Good Times (2024), Dalvin Evans is the baby of Reggie and Beverly. Slink Johnson voices Dalvin.

In the series, Dalvin makes his living as a drug dealer, a lifestyle that Reggie doesn’t approve of, which is why the two rarely get along.

Dalvin is hardly welcomed at the Evans’ residence. However, Dalvin is dear to his mother, Beverly, and so is she to Dalvin.

Due to the tensions at his home, Dalvin hires Mimi, a babysitter who takes care of him like his mother.

The imperfection

At the beginning of the series, Dalvin’s profession hurts the chances of the Evans winning the housing project’s annual beautification contest, something Beverly really cares about.

Dalvin makes sure that, no matter what, his mother is happy. To do that, Dalvin crosses limits, which involve actions such as threatening and even killing people.

Dalvin Good Times (2024)
Dalvin gets rid of Delphine

Dalvin got the Evans to win the housing project’s beautification contest by threatening Delphine and later got rid of Delphine, who was going to evict the Evans for standing up against her. Her death made Beverly the president of projects.

Dalvin’s nature and fate

Dalvin is a formidable individual who commands respect and does not tolerate being underestimated. He possesses a strong presence and holds sway on the streets.

At the same time, he does have a soft spot for his family. In the fourth episode, he fears being alone and misses his family when he is home alone.

Throughout the show’s run, he has his ups and downs with the family, especially Reggie. In the finale, when Junior becomes a thug, Dalvin resolves to take revenge on Junior for robbing him.

Dalvin was one of those who were going to attack Junior, who survives. The event brings the family together, but Dalvin won’t be forgetting about his revenge.

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