(Currie Graham) The lawyer: 1923 character explained

The recent episode of 1923 sees Don Whitfield hiring a lawyer named Chadwick Benton for Banner as soon as he is arrested. Currie Graham plays Chadwick Benton in 1923.

When Jacob and his men catch Banner and other sheepherders trespassing, they hang them while they are still on their horses and leave them to die. Banner is the only one who manages to escape with his life.

To exact revenge, he gathers men and attacks the Duttons when they are least expecting it, killing John and severely injuring Jacob and the others. Initially, Jacob decides not to go to the sheriff, as he does not want the news to get out.

Later, Cara makes the decision to report the incident to the sheriff, which leads to Banner’s arrest. However, he does not have to stay in prison for long, as Whitfield immediately gets him a lawyer, Chadwick Benton.

The educated and confident man

Benton comes across as a man who knows exactly what he is doing. He walks into the place where Banner is being held like he owns it and inquires about the judge who has been assigned to the case.

He confidently informs Banner about bail being set. Banner, who is charged with two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder, does not believe him initially because he thinks that bail will not be set for a murder charge.

However, Benton’s confidence convinces him. He asks Banner not to speak to anyone, including the detectives and his cellmates, and to refer them to him.

He further questions Banner if there is anything incriminating in his house, and a confused Banner admits that he does not know what it means, leading him to explain the meaning of the word to Banner.

He does not stay there for longer than what is necessary. He then tells Whitfield the name of the judge who has been assigned to the case. Whitfield allots him the task of taking care of the judge, and Benton states that he will meet with the judge in the evening to take care of the issue.

1923 the lawyer
Benton tells Whitfield the name of the judge

The polite gentleman

Benton looks way more comfortable in Whitfield’s luxurious car than he was with Banner, which indicates his own social status. Banner asks Benton to get rid of the two sex workers he left at his house, and Benton reluctantly asks him for the address.

He refers to the two sex workers as “two women of ill repute”, which confuses Whitfield. Benton is then forced to use the word “prostitutes”, but not without an awkward pause.

Based on his mannerism and actions, Benton can be considered a member of polite society through and through. Additionally, as a lawyer, he represents the kind of power and resources that Whitfield has at his disposal.

The Dutton will not be able to defeat someone like Whitfield easily, and perhaps the war will cost them much more than what they have already lost.

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