Cubicles season 2 summary and ending explained

Cubicles season 2 is a web series by TVF on SonyLIV which follows the experiences of employees working at an IT company and the trials and tribulations they face on a daily basis.


Picking up a year after the first season, Piyush’s (Abhishek Chauhan) attitude and outlook towards corporate life has changed. He is no longer the enthusiastic new employee. His life is now filled with Monday blues, getting an appraisal or the pink slip and pondering whether to get a new job; all while facing a quarter life crisis.

It’s not only Piyush who is facing the problems. As he puts it, the “codes” need to be fixed for all. 

His now roommate, the happy-go-lucky Gautam (Badri Chavan), is hoping to fix the code of his life by getting a date on Tumble. To prevent Gautam from slipping into a quarter life crisis, Piyush installs the app on his phone and thus begins Gautam’s journey to look for his right match. 

Their colleague, Shetty (Niketan Sharma) is planning to have a baby because of which he tries to send an email for paternity leave. To his dismay, the server always crashes every time he tries to send it.  

The newcomer Sunaina Chauhan (Ayushi Gupta) has CMC written all over her space. Due to her past experience in her older company, she writes CMC i.e “chuko mat Chauhan”, everywhere to remind her that she needs to be competitive to get recognition and fulfill her goals. 

Megha Asthana (Nidhi Bisht), is trying to find a balance between her personal and professional life. She does not trust anyone with her child. So she brings him to the office everyday even though he causes annoyance and chaos. 

The job of a very old employee who is the butt-of-the-joke in every circle, RDX, is hanging by a thread. He is working with all the young people and is a little out of place. He is like a history book who always talks about how and what he did in the past instead of focusing on his present. Piyush even jokes that RDX’s code cannot be fixed. 

In the first episode, Piyush takes his chance on getting a new job on a Monday even when everyone seems to have given up on enthusiasm by the end of the day. 

In the next, he messes up an important project while he tries to be “atmanirbhar”. In the end Sunaina ends up fixing the situation. This makes him realise that he needs to fix the code of his life as well. 

Trying to fix his life’s code, Piyush sends a very drunk resignation mail to his senior. To add to the panic, the next day the appraisals are to be decided. Piyush, Gautam and Shetty convince Angad to help them out. 

RDX is finally let go of, in the 4th episode. It is a bitter-sweet moment for everyone. Though seemingly useless, RDX makes everyone realise the importance of his existence in the cubicles. 

By the last episode, Piyush has received the fruits of his hard work. He gets a call back for an interview in a big company and he also gets his own cabin where he is currently working. 

What does Piyush finally choose? What leads to the decision that he finally takes? 

Cubicles season 2 ending explained in detail:

New beginnings

Piyush is made a temporary team head of a new project. He gets his own cabin for the duration that he’ll be leading the project. At the same time, he is also finally called for an interview at the big company that he wants to work at.

He soon realises that that the work culture is very different and competitive in a big company and it may not be all that he though it would be after all.


Piyush feels left out in his cabin all alone. He looks at his colleagues having a good time together while working.

Sunaina is confronted by Piyush regarding her stealing Gautam’s Goa project. He tries to convince her to take his cabin and give Gautam the project back. After giving it some thought she finally agrees.

The return

Piyush now returns to his old cubicle while Sunaina takes the cabin. Though Piyush gets the job at the bigger company which offers him a higher pay, he declines it. He makes peace with his place and existing job.

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