Is Colin Robinson still alive in What We Do in the Shadows 4?

Colin Robinson is the energy vampire who drains people by boring them with mundane conversations. He was the least appreciated vampire in the house and presumably died at the end of season 3.

Lazslo had found out that energy vampires had a life expectancy of 100 years and expectedly, Colin Robinson appears to die on his one-hundredth birthday with Laszlo, Nadja and Guillermo by his side.

But that doesn’t seem to be the end of his saga as learned later on. Here’s a closer look at what happened.

Emerging anew

After Laszlo sent Nadja and Guillermo on their way to London, he came back home to find something slimy that has broken out of Colin Robinson’s chest. It turns out to be a baby with the same face as the energy vampire.

Is Colin Robinson still alive in What We Do in the Shadows 4? 1
Laszlo took the boy under his wing

A year later once the camera crew returns, they find Laszlo chilling with a young boy as Laszlo explains the situation. He began raising the boy and noticed that he’s been developing at an alarming rate.

He refuses to call the boy Colin Robinson even though they share the same face as he believes that this boy is quite different from the vampire he came out of.

Contrasting personalities

Guillermo is the only one who accepts that this young boy is the same Colin Robinson and when he asks him his name, the boy replies with “Colin”.

Laszlo is unmoved, however, and claims that one of his first questions was if this boy was the very same Colin Robinson which is why he carried out several psychological experiments on him.

Is Colin Robinson still alive in What We Do in the Shadows 4? 2
Laszlo did everything he could to learn more about the boy

Among these experiments was also a round of electroshock therapy and based on his results, Laszlo concluded that this boy is far from their boring, energy-sapping, former roommate.

Only as he grows older will it be revealed whether he is the same and whether this is a feature of energy vampires.

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