Code Name: Emperor ending explained: Does Juan quit being an agent?

Code Name: Emperor is a Spanish thriller movie about an intelligence agent who is tasked with implicating a clean politician. To maintain peace, he must now decide if there are any more boundaries he would or would not cross.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

An intelligence agent, named Juan, saves Wendy just before she is about to be snatched up and kidnapped. He gives her a ride but as he is hurt, she offers to help him patch up at her boss’ home.

As he departs, he meets with the people who were going to kidnap her and hands them money, which means he had planned it.

He plants cameras and devices inside the home to monitor the activities and discover something illicit about the home’s owners, a couple. 

He also tries to get close to Wendy and distracts her while his colleague takes the house keys and makes a copy of them.

They find out that the couple is trying to sell radioactive material which is used to make bombs to sell to a German buyer. 

Simultaneously. he is also tracking the activities of a politician named Angel Gonzalez.  When Juan is unable to find something solid about Angel, his boss, Galán, suggests tempting him with something to frame and then blackmail him to do their deeds.  

Juan sets up a fake social media profile under the name Sara to entrap Angel. 

With all this going on, Juan also takes care of small tasks and missions here and there. 

Juan discovers how they are planning to transport the radioactive material but there is a hiccup when Wendy finds one of the installed cameras while cleaning the house.

She is upset and wants to escape, but Juan stops her and convinces her that doing so would raise suspicions, and she would be in trouble. He persuades her to stay.

Juan sets up a meeting with Angel using the fake catfish profile and asks his acquaintance Marta for help. She meets up with Angel as Sara and gets to know him a bit. She tells Juan he is a simple and nervous man. 

Juan finds the warehouse where the radioactive material is kept but the German finds and shoots at him. They engage in a fight but Juan’s colleague comes and saves him.

At the same time, the police arrive at the couple’s house. 

Code Name: Emperor ending explained in detail:

What is up with Angel and Marta?

At a sports event, where Angel is a guest, he runs into Marta. She is dressed up as Sara which means it was planned for her to be there.

She makes it seem like she is upset with him after learning he is married and is a politician.

He explains himself and apologises and she forgives him. They go to his hotel room and sleep together. Little does Angel know, that all of this is orchestrated and being recorded by Juan. 

To make it seem as though Angel hurt her, she purposefully hits her face in the sink, breaks her nose, and then runs from the room.

Is Juan able to blackmail Angel?

Juan comes into Angel’s room as a police officer claiming Marta (alias Sara) wants to press charges. 

He even plants some drugs in his room to incriminate him further and scares him by telling him that Sara is a minor.

When Angel is vulnerable with his guard down, Juan enquires to get information out of him but fails to retrieve anything. 

Marta listens in on the conversation and is clearly distraught. She is outraged with Juan for his deceit and games, as well as the way he manipulates others to advance his agenda.

She takes Juan’s laptop with her and destroys it but he has backups. But when Galán asks, he lies and claims he couldn’t discover any information about Angel. Galán decides to drop this mission but is suspicious. 

What happens with Wendy?

Juan approaches Wendy and warns her not to return to the house she works in since the police will be there. She accepts his offer to stay at his home. It appears that he has grown fond of her. He asks her to leave with him and begin a new life together.

After a meeting, he returns home to find Wendy missing. He later learns through CCTV footage that Wendy had been taken away by the police due to her former employers, but that Galán had planned it.

Juan visits Galán, who informs him that Wendy was not ideal for him in the long run because these agents should be detached. 

Juan finally caves and chooses Wendy’s safety and the assurance that she won’t be deported in exchange for Angel’s video proof. 

He gives Wendy a ticket and some cash to escape while he stays behind.

What is Juan’s plan?

Before visiting Galán, Juan goes to one of his journalist acquaintances. He gives her an encrypted drive and instructs her to publish it in four hours when he provides the go-ahead with the password.

The drive contains all the information and secrets he has collected up until now on behalf of these officials. 

He takes a suitcase, leaving this life behind. 

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