Class ending explained: Who killed Suhani?

Class follows the events that take place at a prestigious school when three students from a poor neighborhood arrive through a scholarship. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The cops are called to the campus of Hampton International, Delhi’s best and most expensive school, where they come across the body of a student named Suhani, the daughter of Suraj Ahuja, a wealthy builder from Delhi.

The interrogation of Suhani’s family and her friends begins, starting off with her classmate, Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki, who was near the body when it was found.

About two months ago, Dheeraj, Saba, and Balram, also known as Balli, received a scholarship and got enrolled in Hampton International when their old school, Nurpur Khatola Government School, got burned in a fire.

The students at Hampton International stay hostile towards the newcomers, believing that they don’t belong here with them, except for some.

Suhani, in particular, shows interest in Dheeraj. She approaches him, despite her brother, Veer, warning her not to get too close to the new students. She forms a bond with Dheeraj that is despised by her family and friends.

Saba ends up becoming a fitting rival for Yashika as they both have plans to grab the Hampton Gold, a scholarship that will allow them to study abroad. Balli befriends Dhruv and comes close to Koel, who finds him quite attractive despite having a boyfriend.

Hanging out with Dheeraj leads Suhani to meet his brother, Neeraj, who is known for carrying out protests against her father. He blames him for the fire at Nurpur Khatola Government School.

Dheeraj and Neeraj’s family owe money to the local corporator, S.K. Chowdhary, and Neeraj plans to fix everything by stealing from the Ahujas.

Dheeraj and Neeraj both once get a chance to steal from Ahuja’s locker by being with Suhani, but their bond with her stops them from doing so.

Meanwhile, Yashika grows jealous of Saba. She looks forward to shaming her in the eyes of everyone by using Veer. She asks him to date her, sleep with her, record her, and share a video of her online.

Saba, in turn, brings out a softer version of Veer, which is hiding deep behind his egoistic face.

Koel observes that her boyfriend, Sharan, enjoys watching her with Balli. Koel and Sharan step-by-step invite Balli into their relationship. Balli, who has dreams of becoming a model, uses this chance to create contacts and grow further.

Balli also introduces Dhruv to drugs he has never taken before and the man who sells them, Saba’s brother, Faruq. Dhruv falls for Faruq, and they soon start secretly dating.

Suhani distances herself from Dheeraj and falls for Neeraj when she learns that he hates her family just as much as she does and how much they have suffered because of him.

Since Ahuja’s locker is now empty, Suhani pitches Neeraj to steal the mobile collection of Koel’s father, Mr. Kalra. This mobile collection consists of phones that have diamonds on them.

As Koel’s best friend, Suhani knows Koel’s house inside and out. She instructs Neeraj on how to break in. He injures himself while stealing the phones, but manages to grab most of them.

Though they are not as costly as Mr. Kalra claimed they are, one of these consists of sensitive information that would harm Koel’s family. Neeraj plans to use this information against Koel’s family and retrieve the money he needs.

An in-depth investigation into the fire at Nurpur Khatola Government School leads to the arrests of Suraj Ahuja and S.K. Chowdhary. Suhani enjoys the fall of her family but also discovers that she is pregnant.

Neeraj vows that he loves her and asks her if she will run away with him to settle down somewhere far away once he gets the money from Koel’s father. She agrees to this.

Amidst all of this, Koel figures out that Sharan likes boys, and soon the whole college finds out. Sharan struggles to handle watching his girlfriend get close to Balli. Koel also deals with the missing phones from her house. She clearly suspects Suhani.

Dhruv comes out in front of his parents but is still forced to part ways with Faruq when Faruq’s father finds out about his son’s drug-dealing antics.

Saba also pays for Faruq’s adventures. Despite all of this, she attends Founder’s Day with her family, where Suhani ends up winning the Hampton Gold. She deems this win as her mother’s desperate attempt to save their family name.

On the same day, Suhani and Neeraj execute their escape plan. Neeraj goes to meet Koel’s father to retrieve the money, while the mobile stays with Suhani until Neeraj returns.

Class ending explained in detail:

How does Suhani die?

Koel saw Suhani hide something in her locker. She takes Balli’s help to break it but ends up finding nothing inside. Balli bails out from doing free work for Koel, who claims that if she doesn’t get that mobile back from Suhani, it will ruin her family’s lives.

Sharan overhears their conversation. He finds Suhani on the campus, waiting for Neeraj. In order to win Koel back, Sharan confronts Suhani. They indulge in an argument.

Sharan blames her and everyone else for turning Koel against him. Though Suhani tells him that he is better off without her, Sharan tries to fight his way out.

Suhani doesn’t hold back. She slaps him and asks him to pour out his frustration on someone else. She even says that he is nothing to anyone. An angry Sharan wastes no time in beating her, and eventually, she dies.

Sharan then returns to Koel with Suhani’s bag and blood all over his shirt. He explains that he did all of this for her. She promises to take care of it. She informs her parents that she has their mobile. Balli then sees Koel and Sharan leaving the campus.

Who gets arrested for killing Suhani?

Koel takes Sharan to a lake, where she gets rid of Suhani’s belongings. Koel’s parents calm their daughter down. They suggest that they all have been through this before and that it will be alright. Koel swears that she won’t let anyone destroy her family name.

While the Ahujas suffer after losing their daughter, the cops arrest Neeraj. He escaped from Mr. Kalra’s men, only to find Suhani dead on the campus.

Dheeraj, in his testimony, revealed that he last saw Neeraj around Suhani’s body. He never said that Neeraj murdered her. Koel’s father played his cards and paid the cops.

Using Dheeraj’s testimony and footage of a camera that only shows Neeraj running away, the cops apprehend Neeraj for Suhani’s murder. Dheeraj attempts to meet his brother in prison, but the officials don’t allow him.

Who texts Koel and Sharan?

At the lake where Koel got rid of Suhani’s belongings, Sharan’s shirt full of blood starts floating over the water. Deep under the lake is Suhani’s trophy for winning the Hampton Gold.

Back at Koel’s residence, Koel and Sharan watch as Koel’s father hands the cops the money. Moments later, Koel and Sharan both receive a text from an unknown number.

In the text, the unknown person says that they are ready to keep their mouth shut but are eager to know what they would get in exchange.

The message is followed by Koel and Sharan’s picture taken at the campus on the day Suhani died, with Sharan wearing the shirt with blood on it.

The tone of the message so far hints that it’s from Balli, who has always wanted something in return for his help or service. He is the only person who saw Sharan and Koel leave that night. He even kept a keen eye on them during Suhani’s funeral.

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