City of Dreams Season 2 ending explained: Who becomes the Chief Minister?

Disney+ Hotstar’s political thriller ‘City of Dreams’ season 2 picks up after season 1, revealing the dirty side of politics that destroys families in the wake as well.

The premise of the series begins with Poornima Gaikwad (Priya Bapat) assuming the position of the interim chief minister. She is set to do right by her position.

With her brother Ashish (Siddharth Chandekar) dead and her father, Ameya Rao Gaikwad a.k.a Saheb (Atul Kulkarni), paralyzed, Poornima is pulling all the appropriate strings to ensure that the impending election results are in her and the party’s favour.

Saheb’s longtime assistant and former CM Jagdish Gurav (Sachin Pilgaonkar) and encounter specialist cop-turned-politician Wasim Khan are on her side (Eijaz Khan).

However, things are not easy for the political newbie, with her father opposing her and politically-trained powers trying to pull her strings. With elections ahead, new truths come into the picture.

Can she win the election, or will her father get his revenge? Who ultimately gets the chair of the Chief Minister?

City of Dreams Season 2 ending explained:

Rise and Fall of Ameya Rao Gaikwad

Towards the beginning of the series, Saheb is seen mourning the death of his son. He knows Poornima killed him and is fuming for revenge.

He slowly tries to gather force to launch his revenge but falls short of money. He first approaches Ramnik Bhai for monetary help to kickstart his plan, but the businessman straightaway denies it.

He next approaches Anna (Sushant Singh), who then comes to know of the entire foul and begins his search. However, Anna lends him the required five hundred he asks for.

Before he can start his plan, an earnest journalist, Shireen Ali (Geetika Tyagi), tries to reveal the person who attacked Saheb and paralyzed him. Saheb, realizing that it would do him no good and reduce his influence, had her killed.

As his first plan, he reveals his daughter’s marriage to Aravle to the media and also brings Aravle to his side momentarily.

Meanwhile, Poornima’s weakness, her only son, Amit, completely sides with Saheb, who adores the little boy. He sees his son in his grandson and showers him with love.

Deciding on his next attack, Saheb plans a riot, and the first phase is successful. The second phase is to take place when Poornima sets the foundation stone for the metro project.

Saheb plans to make his comeback then. Through exercise and therapy, he finally overcame his paralysis and is back in good health. On the morning of his comeback, he recorded a statement showing him empathy about the riot about to occur and plans to release it after the riot.

It also showcases how he had previously planned a similar riot ahead of the election, a sharp contrast, deeming him responsible for the death of many.

However, the plan doesn’t go according to his idea. He ends up losing his beloved grandson and is utterly devastated.

Revenge on Anna

Another plotline runs alongside the central idea. Anna, a merciless money-hungry and money-loving goon from a Southern state, want to get back his money from Ameya Rao Gaikwad.

His seasoned money-minded thought had already registered that Gaikwad had been stealing money from him. To confirm if his speculations are true or not, he engages a mystery woman (Flora Saini) to go after Purushottam (Sandeep Kulkarni), a loyal aid of Poornima.

She tries to entice him by fulfilling his sexual urges to reveal the truth, but Purushottam remains loyal. Anna then sends his right-hand man after her to kill her as she has delayed her mission.

His right-hand man reaches her but, instead of killing her, tries to uncover the truth. The mystery woman reveals the entire truth to Purushottam, who tries to save her in return but gets caught.

He is then taken to the South and is mercilessly tortured to disclose the location of the place where the stolen money is stored, but he keeps his mouth closed.

Learning about it all, Poornima calls Anna, telling him that she would return all the money with interest in return for Purushottam’s safety.

In retrospect, Anna leaves his safe haven and reaches Mumbai to confront Poornima directly. She tells him the location and threatens him never to come to Mumbai.

He retaliates by killing Purushottam before them, saying that he punishes those who steal from him. Poornima decides to take her revenge where it hurts.

Khan, along with his aids, reaches the Thane go-down where the stolen money is kept. Anna reaches there as well and is utterly happy to look at the cash.

Khan launches his attack on the goon and his party, while Anna desperately tries to save his money from the gunfire.

As the ultimate revenge, Khan sets fire to the entire go-down, setting the money aflame and bringing Anna to his knees. Meanwhile, Anna’s right-hand man is killed by senior Gaikwad, who is ready to reclaim his throne.

Poornima Gaikwad reign

The series starts off with Poornima Gaikwad, daughter of Ameya Rao Gaikwad, the former CM of Maharashtra.

After taking over her father’s seat, Poornima faces a multitude of problems trying to do the right thing. Throughout the series, she tries to get past the dirty legacy her father left.

She remains afraid of her father’s retaliation but holds steadfast. Things take a quick turn when a newly constructed bridge collapses, claiming the lives of hundreds of people.

She is brought to the forefront of it all. She sets a sudden raid on Mehta Infra, the culprit company. However, Ramnik Bhai, a ruthless businessman, holds her strings by blackmailing her.

He poses proof of her being a lesbian and threatens to release it if she doesn’t turn the decision in favour of Mehta Infra, whose CEO is his to-be son-in-law. However, Ramnik Bhai’s daughter sets things right by breaking off her engagement.

On the other hand, her father launches an open attack on her. A picture of her previous marriage with her college boyfriend, Mahesh Aravle, a leftist political activist, is sent out to the public.

She faces Aravle in a debate, and manages to convey the entire trap laid out by her father, and encourages him to rejoin the opposition political party again.

Things are finally going in the right direction as she clears the air not only with Aravel, but with her husband too. She takes her revenge on merciless Anna through the help of her right hand, Eijaz Khan.

Her father then plays the final card by ordering riots in the city, once again claiming hundreds of lives. Poornima appeals to the people to maintain peace.

In the event of laying the foundation stone of a metro project, the riot is supposed to take place, diverting attention from the objective at hand. However, Khan’s inquiry helps stop it.

In the end, a vengeful kid whose father died in a previous riot wants to take revenge on the Gaikwad. He enters the venue disguised as a journalist and causes a bomb blast, costing the lives of hundreds, including her son, Amit.

The series ends with her left broken but winning the seat of the Chief Minister by a huge majority.

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