Choi Jun: Divorce Attorney Shin character explained

In Divorce Attorney Shin, Choi Jun, Sung-han‘s new employee, is forced by Yu-seok to spy on Sung-han, but since he is anything but subtle, he fails to keep this a secret. Choi Juun plays Han Jae-seok.

Choi Jun is one of the minor characters in Divorce Attorney Shin who works for Sung-han. Before working for him, he was interning for one of Sung-han’s greatest enemies — Yu-seok.

Choi Jun refused the position that Yu-seok was offering him at Keumhwa Law Firm and chose to work for Sung-han, who only gained recognition after winning Seo-jin’s case, but Yu-seok was not going to let him leave so easily.

Choi Jun, aka June Man

One night, after drinking with Hyeong-geun, a drunk and upset Sung-han comes across a piano and starts playing it. Someone called “June Man” records him and posts the video on the internet.

The next morning, when Sung-han finds out that his video is going viral, he messages June Man, asking them to take it down. Much to Sung-han’s annoyance, June Man refuses, as this is now one of their most popular videos online.

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June Man is none other than Choi Jun, the top intern at Keumhwa Law Firm. As his internship is about to end, Yu-seok gives him one last task; he asks him to find out whatever he can about the case that Sung-han is handling at the moment.

However, when Choi Jun realizes that Sung-han is in fact the Piano Man, he starts admiring him. When Sung-han agrees to represent Ae-ran, Yu-seok makes Choi Jun represent her husband.

Even though he is going to fight Sung-han in court, he approaches him before the divorce mediation to tell him that he finds Sung-han cool and keeps smiling at him during the mediation.

He then quits his job because he wishes to work with Sung-han. Like Sung-han, Choi Jun used to play the piano, but he was not nearly as good as Sung-han.

When he comes looking for a job, Sung-han tells him that they are not hiring anyone as of now. However, Choi Jun knows that it would benefit Sung-han to hire another attorney because he’s been getting several new clients after Seo-jin’s case.

Choi Jun then reveals to him that he is June Man and that he is willing to take down the video if Sung-han agrees to hire him. Sung-han, who has been very frustrated because of June Man, attacks Choi Jun.

Divorce Attorney Shin Choi Jun
Sung-han confesses that he is June Man

Eventually, Hyeong-geun has to come to Choi Jun’s rescue. He acts as a mediator and convinces Sung-han to hire Choi Jun, who finally deletes the video.

Choi Jun is just as strange as Sung-han and his friends. He even goes camping with them, and Seo-jin tells Ms. Kim that another weirdo has joined the three weirdos.

Choi Jun as a spy

When Choi Jun was interning at Keumhwa Law Firm, he was asked to spy on Sung-han. He followed Yu-seok’s orders, but Yu-seok uses this to blackmail him later on. He wants Choi Jun to continue spying on Sung-han for him if he does not want Sung-han to find out that Choi Jun had spied on him earlier.

A confused Choi Jun does not know what to do, and he tells Hyeong-geun everything honestly. Hyeong-geun then takes him to Sung-han and helps him confess the whole truth.

Contrary to their expectation, Sung-han does not get angry. In fact, he asks Choi Jun to be a good spy and not to do it for free. He wants him to charge Yu-seok and then treat everyone with that money. Too eager to please Sung-han, Choi Jun promises to not let him down.

Choi Jun keeps Yu-seok updated on Sung-han’s activities for a while, but when Yu-seok introduces him to Yeong-ju, he tells them that Sung-han knows about the whole affair.

Divorce Attorney Shin Choi Jun
Yu-seok introduces Choi Jun to Yeong-ju

When they ask him if Sung-han has anything that would help him win Chun-seok’s case, he refuses to give them any information without getting something in return. He asks for Yu-seok’s position in the company, knowing that they would never give it to him.

Choi Jun narrates the whole incident to Sung-han and Hyeong-geun because he is loyal to them. This is not the end of his spying activities; he is soon asked to spy on his first client’s husband by Seo-jin.

Choi Jun follows him and finds out that Min-jeong’s husband is not what he seems to be. With this information, Choi Jun and Seo-jin will be able to help her better.

Although Choi Jun is a quirky man who likes telling stories to make himself look like a hero, he was still the best intern at Keumhwa Law Firm. He will soon get to prove that he is a competent lawyer, as he will be seen representing Min-jeong in the upcoming episodes.

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