Cheon Sa-Rang’s resign in King the Land explained

Cheon Sa-Rang became a concierge in one of the country’s top most luxurious and popular hotels and excelled consistently enough to be crowned as the best talent. The King the Land finale sees her quitting the hotel in spite of all that.

King the Land revolves around Sa-Rang, the protagonist of the story who works at the titular VIP section of a most luxurious hotel.

Ever since the start of her career there, Sa-Rang has been a beacon of competence and hard work, as well as the face of happiness, but gradually, many events and developments affect her drive to continue working there.

Excellence speedrun

Cheon Sa-Rang isn’t properly graduate from the required courses when she applies for a job at Hotel King. She doesn’t expect to land it but thinks it’ll provide her with valuable experience for interviews.

However, her proficiency in a range of subjects and her radiant smile reflected just the right kind of competent professionalism that Hwa-Ran was looking for, and despite her academic qualifications, she eventually gets selected.

She takes no time to become an exemplary employee at the hotel and does an exceptional job not only because it’s a role she has to play but because she genuinely wishes to provide the customers with the best experience.

Consequently, she becomes the hotel’s best talent two years straight. Many become envious of her while many others appreciate her commitment to the job as well.

Losing sight & sense

Down the line somewhere, Cheon Sa-Rang starts to doubt if the work she’s doing now at the hotel is even what she dreamt of doing. Her answer is a no which leads to her admitting this to her grandmother.

King the Land Sa-Rang grandmother
Image source: Netflix

Next, she reveals the same to Gu Won, telling him that the hotel was always a place of happiness for her, and she has always wanted to give every guest at the hotel the happiest day.

What she’s doing now is something she believes to be far from that vision and dream. So she decides to quit, since all the fancy bells and whistles as well as good money that comes with her job, it’s not in congruence with the path she has always wanted to tread.

Starting anew

Cheon Sa-Rang wishes to start afresh and follow her dreams her own way. She tells Gu Won that she wants to write her own story.

To author this story, she plans to start her own hotel, however small it might be. Boyfriend Gu Won congratulates her for finally figuring out what to do with her life.

Soon, Sa-Rang bids farewell to her job at King the Land and opens a small hotel named Hotel Amore.

Gu Won helps set things up and mostly comes there to spend time with her, before properly becoming a huge assist for her over the weekends, as the hotel finds success pretty quickly as well.

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