Chen Chia-hao: Marry My Dead Body character explained

In Marry My Dead Body, Chen Chia-hao is Mao-mao’s ex-boyfriend who quickly moves on after Mao-mao’s death. Aaron Yan plays Chen Chia-hao.

Before dying and meeting Chen Chia-hao, Mao-mao only used to date guys to get intimate with them. Meeting Chia-hao changed everything. He was in love.

The legalization of gay marriage allowed Mao-mao to dream of the life he could have with his partner, much like everyone else. He planned to grow old with Chia-hao.

He fought his father, Mr. Mao, who was against Mao-mao marrying a boy, for Chia-hao. However, Mr. Mao was adamant. That night, Mao-mao felt alone and tried to contact Chia-hao, seeking some comfort. Chia-hao didn’t pick up his phone, and Mao-mao died in a hit-and-run.

Chia-hao’s take on his relationship with Mao-mao

After having a ghost marriage with Ming-han, Mao-mao requests his husband take him to his ex-boyfriend. Ming-han and Mao-mao go to Chia-hao’s apartment and learn that Chia-hao has already moved on and is in a relationship with someone else.

Initially, Mao-mao is glad that Chia-hao has moved on. Later, when Ming-han and Mao-mao fight, Ming-han visits Chia-hao again to hand Mao-mao to him.

Chen Chia-hao: Marry My Dead Body character explained 1
Ming-han confronts Chia-hao

It’s then that Ming-han confronts Chia-hao, asking how he quickly moved on because, from the looks of it, it seems like Chia-hao doesn’t care about Mao-mao’s death.

Chia-hao then confesses that he never planned to marry anyone, but Mao-mao was obsessed with getting married. Instead of being honest with Mao-mao, Chia-hao decided to keep his distance from him.

The night Mao-mao died, he longed for Chia-hao’s support, but Chia-hao wasn’t there. Mao-mao continues to question if he wasn’t good enough. It’s Ming-han who tells Mao-mao that Chia-hao doesn’t deserve his love.

Chia-hao’s secret

Chia-hao doesn’t tell his full story to Ming-han. When Mr. Mao visits Ming-han in the hospital at the end of Marry My Dead Body, he reveals that he had made up his mind to allow Mao-mao to marry a boy.

To surprise his son, Mr. Mao went to Mao-mao and Chia-hao’s apartment and saw Chia-hao cheating on Mao-mao with the boy Chia-hao is dating now. That’s the reason Mr. Mao fought Mao-mao the night he died.

Mr. Mao didn’t want Mao-mao to marry a man like that, and he didn’t tell Mao-mao the truth about his boyfriend because he knew he will be hurt.

When Mao-mao died, Mr. Mao visited Chia-hao and punched him. Days later, he regretted that as well. He visited Chia-hao again to apologize and ask for his son’s mobile password. Chia-hao brushed Mr. Mao off, claiming that Mr. Mao is doing all of this because he is guilty.

Mao-mao hears Mr. Mao telling all of this to Ming-han and just thanks his father for giving him unconditional love as he fades away to get reincarnated.

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