Charly: Crooks (2024) character explained

Charly works as a locksmith in Berlin, leading a happy life with his wife Samira and son Jonas. When associates from his criminal past pull him back into a heist that entails more than what they tell him, Charly must join a driver from a gang in Vienna to save his family. 

Crooks (2024) revolves around two men; one is a washed-up gangster working as a driver for a gang in Vienna; and the other is a former safecracker who’s left the life of crime and now works as a locksmith.

When his old “acquaintances” threaten him to join them on a heist, he has to reluctantly accept it. 

He thinks they’re stealing money, but they’re actually stealing a valuable coin that was stolen from a museum recently, by two men from the Al-Walid family. 

One of the Al-Walids ends up dead in the crossfire that ensues after the heist goes wrong and Charly has to pay the consequences of an inadvertent hand in the death of a man from a feared clan of gangsters. 

Meeting Joseph

He needs to move his family out quickly and for that, he needs cash. He turns to the men who came from Vienna to collect the coin and pay the money. He fails to get the cash as Zwanziger and the driver Joseph make some stupid decisions. 

Charly heads off to Vienna with them, to meet their leader Red, who ordered Stepan to steal the coin. He later helps save Joseph’s life when Zwanziger goes to kill him, on Red’s orders. 

He goes with Joseph to the house of Karli, the man who was the true leader of the clan until a day ago, when he finally died, but not before telling Joseph that he’s his father. 

Charly and Joseph Crooks 2024 Netflix
Charly with Joseph in Marseille

Red wants Joseph killed so he becomes the sole heir of the estate, but Charly helps Joseph avoid death and set up Red, who grows restless by the minute since the coin needs to be delivered to a disgruntled Russian gangster. 

Saving family

Charly earlier sent his wife and son to Marseille, where Rami, his old friend been saved several times in the past, promised to provide them with a safe house. However, he fails to do so as he’s himself in deep waters with the leader of the Corsican gang. 

Charly saves Joseph’s life after he attempts to commit suicide, riled up and shattered by the words of an old friend, now an enemy. He soon comes to his senses and decides to help Charly reunite with his family.

The two reach Marseille and later Charly meets Griselda, the head of the Corsican with Rami. Rami is killed after briefing Charly about the grand heist he has to perform for Griselda. 

Charly plans a bogus heist and gets his family out of the heavily guarded villa on an island. He manages to get Samira and Jonas out into safety, with the help of Joseph. 

Samira and Jonas are eventually reunited with Charly, and before the show ends, the family is shown to be cherishing quality time at a football game. 

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