Chao Fah Sein: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, Chao Fah Sein is the head of operations for the Silver Lotus triad in Burma. Louis Ozawa plays Chao Fah Sein.

Silver Lotus triad is part of one of the most elusive criminal enterprises in the world. For a while now, Chao Fah Sein has been working to eliminate competition in Mexico and consolidate Marquez’s cartel as the one that is standing strong.

A collaboration between the Silver Lotus triad and Marquez’s cartel opens the gates to the United States for the triad. The triads have resources to start a black market here, and they can move anything, from humans to suicide bombers.

Chao Fah Sein is a mole

Chao Fah doesn’t want any of this. He has been trying to get out of this mess for a while now. He finds a friend in the form of Domingo Chavez, a CIA operative who was being manipulated, along with his black ops teammates, to eliminate the triads’ competition.

Chao Fah contacted Chavez once the competition was clear to tell him that his whole operation is actually controlled by the triads. They have someone from the White House in their pockets.

Chao Fah Sein: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained 1
Chao Fah answers his superiors

This man has been instructing Chavez’s teams to go on these missions that only clear paths for the triads and are not in the interests of Americans.

Chao Fah and Chavez strike a deal. In exchange for a name, Chavez promises the safety of Chao Fah’s family. Their first meeting doesn’t come to fruition as Jack Ryan shuts down all the operations authorized by former CIA director Thomas Miller, who is in this with the triads.

Chao Fah becomes an asset

Chavez reaches out to Jack and demands that Operation Pluto be turned on. Once they realize that they are on the same side, Chavez lets Jack know about Chao Fah and the triads’ goals.

Chao Fah can provide hard evidence against the triads, and Jack Ryan now sees him as a valuable asset to the CIA. At this point, the CIA is under a lot of fire. Walters, who used to run Domingo’s squad, used soldiers and CIA weaponry to assassinate the President of Nigeria and open the gates to Lagos’ shipping lines.

If Chao Fah’s case, too, traces back to the CIA, Jack plans to take the blame on himself to safeguard the organization. Chao Fah, on the other hand, is doing his best to protect his family and fabricate alibis that will protect them until Chavez contacts him again.

Chao Fah’s death

With the help of Chao Fah, Jack’s team destroys the triggers that will explode the bombs that are going to be sent all over the world.

Jack’s team then starts getting Chao Fah and his family out of the country. However, Tin Tun, who suspected Chao Fah all along, kept an eye on Chao Fah’s family.

The moment Chao Fah arrives with Jack and Chavez to pick up his family, he shoots Chao Fah from afar.

Chao Fah is in no condition to walk, so he bids his family goodbye. When Tin Tun comes, Chao Fah kills himself, along with Tin Tun and his soldiers, by triggering a bomb planted nearby.

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