Who is Casey Brinke? Doom Patrol character explained

Casey Brinke is a fictional character within the Doom Patrol universe brought into existence by Dorothy to help her fight a specific threat. The character is played by Madeline Zima.

Dorothy is living within Danny the Ambulance along with many other people and while she remains closed off from the others, one of her favourite pastimes is reading her “Space Case” comic book.

She found the book in the closet of her friend, Flex Mentallo and has been obsessed with it ever since.

Fight fire with fire

Maura Lee tries to get Dorothy to open up a little more as they talk in her trailer but outside, all the other people get attacked by cybernetic bugs, turning them into Vectra. Vectra are the minions of Torminox, the main villain from Space Case.

She figures that the best person to fight them would be Space Case so she holds the comic in her hands and truly believes, willing the hero into existence.

Who is Casey Brinke? Doom Patrol character explained 1
Dorothy summons Casey when she’s in deep trouble

Her real name is Casey Brinke and she’s supposed to be Torminox’s daughter in the story. She deals with the Vectra quite easily but when Torminox shows up, she’s taken aback because of these new emotions she’s experiencing in the real world.

A wider mystery

Casey talks about the complicated relationship with her father and she tries to appeal to the sliver of humanity still within him and while he stops short of hurting her, he still goes through with his plan of getting Niles Caulder’s necklace from Dorothy.

Who is Casey Brinke? Doom Patrol character explained 2
Torminox gets what he wants by holding Casey hostage

When Dorothy asks Casey what she wants to do next and Casey says that she wants to find the creator of her comic and ask him to write a new story that fixes the situation between her and her father.

In a cruel twist of fate, it is revealed later on that the creator is working with Dr Janus and Torminox to ensure the rise of Immortus.

Casey in the comics

Casey Brinke’s origins are somewhat similar in the comics as she’s brought into existence by Danny the Street, who later turns into Danny the Ambulance after Casey joins the Doom Patrol and drives them through space and time in the ambulance.

Who is Casey Brinke? Doom Patrol character explained 3
Casey Brinke is a bubbly, eccentric member of the Doom Patrol

Her comic was created by Danny to communicate with other people but when his powers got stronger, he brought her to life along with Torminox and an evil version of Casey called Doodle Bug.

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