Capitani season 2 ending explained: Who is the killer?

Capitani is a Luxembourgish crime thriller series that focuses on Luc Capitani, a cop who unpredictably falls under suspicion while solving a murder case.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Luc Capitani is out of prison after three years. He was condemned for the murder of De Costa at Carla’s house. However, due to lack of evidence, Luc is released from jail.

On a mysterious night, he receives a call from a prostitute, Bianca, who asks for his help finding a friend named Andreas who went missing. As an ex-cop, Luc helps trace Bianca’s friend at a financial rate.

Luc investigates and finds Andreas’ body in a forest. The unusual fact was the type of injuries and traces of drugs with chicken bones in hand. It seemed like a ritualistic murder.

Luc tries to surf the internet and understand the origin of such rituals. He finds that Nigerian culture has such rituals in the act. 

Meanwhile, Bianca goes to her boss Valentina, Cabaret’s owner, and tells her about Luc’s investigation. Valentina shows interest in meeting Luc.

At the same time, Dominik learns that Grace Onu, Bianca’s friend, knows something about the murder in the forest. He tries Grace to get to speak to him, but she denies it.

Later, Grace gets a call from Lucky Onu, her brother from Nigeria, who says that he wants to take Grace home as she is the successor after their father.

But, Grace decides to leave Luxembourg because she feels her shaking security. While packing, she gives her pink wig to a friend Stella. Thus, Stella takes over the Pink Panther identity.

But Grace also writes a letter to the Police staging everything she saw in the woods that night. She reveals that she saw Dominik Draga with another man going into the forest.

Valentina meets Luc and offers him a job to keep her cabaret safe. Luc accepts the offer.

On the contrary, Luc is an uncover for prosecutor Paullette. Everything goes according to plan, and Luc becomes the source of information for Paullette and Snow White Unit’s Elsa Ley.

While Andreas’ case is still under investigation, another murder takes place. The Pink Panther, Grace Onu, is killed in the same seemingly ritualistic way. 

These two murders spark a debate among the two managers of nightlife clubs, Valentina and Koeng. Valentina suggests that they must expand their business to sell drugs so that the Nigerians don’t dominate and they keep their girls safe.

However, Koeng is not in favour of this, but his son Arthur promises Valentina that he will convince his father. And he ultimately convinces him.

Luc is now juggling between being an employee for Valentina as well as an undercover for the cops. But, he manages to help both without being suspected.

Luc helps Valentina find out about the Nigerian camp drugs. He also helps plan out the arrest of Arthur Koeng for the cops.

But, everything falls apart when unknown assailants kill Arthur. Now, Luc is unable to figure out how the plan went wrong. 

Meanwhile, Lucky Onu confirms that the woman thought to be Grace is Stella. Lucky also meets Bianca and asks her if she knows where Grace can be.

Soon enough, Valentina proposes to take over the nightlife business from Koeng. Naturally, this angers Koeng, and he warns Valentina of her seriously decreased life expectancy. 

Luc confronts Carla about Arthur’s murder and gets a tip of Grand Huit, where dealers usually crash. But before he could pass this information to Elsa, Valentina mistakenly mentions Grand Huit and becomes a subject of doubt to Luc.

Snow White Unit raids Grand Huit and catches 30 drug dealers and their drug queen. However, Lucky Onu, Grace Onu’s brother, escapes. As he is severely injured, he sees Jeane Capitani, a doctor and Luc’s sister.

After the raid, Luc goes to see Carla and finds her dead. Luc breaks down, wrapping Carla in his arms. 

Jeane calls Luc after realizing that Police are looking for Lucky. Luc comes and rescues Lucky Onu.

Then, Bianca brings a note to Lucky Onu from Grace. But she also calls Dominik to tell him that she has found Grace. Dominik keeps asking where she is, Grace, but Bianca doesn’t say.

Meanwhile, Luc Capitani is trying to understand where the drug truck went missing and who made money out of it.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here is a detailed breakdown.

Capitani season 2 ending explained in detail: (Episode 12: You should know what’s best)

Who is the killer?

Luc notices that the girls in Caberet are making more money than usual. After asking around, he learns that Dominik gives them drugs to sell, which he stores in the house.

Luc discovers a secret room where the drugs are stored. He realizes that Dominik changed plans and got Arthur killed. But, Valentina approaches him.

Valentina makes Luc believe that it was Dominik’s plan. Luc leaves after that as he has to transport Lucky to his sister. 

As soon as Bianca and Lucky get on the road, Dominik starts to follow them. Mysteriously, Toni also gets a call to go somewhere. Elsa forcibly accompanies him.

They all land up in a car shed. This is where Dominik confesses that Toni is the killer. Upon confrontation, Elsa and Luc learn that Toni is a psychopath and has committed three murders.

In the encounter, Luc kills Toni in self-defence. 

Luc confronts Valentina again and learns that the murders were committed by Valentina’s orders. So, Valentina was the actual killer.

Toni’s connection with Valentina

Paulette frees Luc as per their deal. She tells him about Toni’s relationship with Dominik. 

Toni was the son of Valentina’s friend. His mother died due to an overdose when she was 21, so Valentina took him in. But Gibbs Koeng didn’t like the kid.

Soon, due to hyper aggression, trauma, and mental instability, Toni became uncontrollable and had to be sent to an orphanage. However, they reunited sometime in the future, and Valentina teams up with him to take over the nightlife business from Gibbs.

Luc Capitani moves on

As Gibbs was also an enemy to Toni, he actively decides to be involved in the process. 

Paulette tells Capitani that Carla was murdered by the Italians as a result of the Gang war. As Luc loved Carla, he was in pain.

Meanwhile, Gibbs sends two men to shoot Valentina for her deeds. 

Luc and Elsa start a new life in Manschied, away from the corrupt business of power.

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