Cabrera: Muted character explained

In Muted, Sub-Commissioner Cabrera looks over Ana’s experiment on Sergio. He is there to provide help if anything goes wrong, but his main goal is to sabotage the investigation.

To conduct an experiment on Sergio to determine his psychological state and his potential level of threat, Ana gets permission from the judge.

During this experiment, Ana is supposed to send in-depth reports to Sub-Commissioner Cabrera every week and arrange online meetings with him. Though Ana commits to doing all of this, Cabrera shows up at her office to ensure the security of her team and her science project.

Cabrera will provide assistance whenever Sergio loses control. As a cop, he does adhere to his duties and assists Ana’s team whenever they feel like Sergio is about to make a move on someone.

Officially, Cabrera might be looking over this experiment to secure the lives of Ana’s team, but behind-the-scenes he seeks to sabotage this whole operation.

Cabrera’s attempts to ruin Ana’s experiment

Cabrera carries out an investigation of his own on the side. He bribes people and retrieves files on Sergio to find a way to put him back in the cell again.

Despite being a criminal, Sergio had admirers. Cabrera meets one of them named Beatriz, who used to visit her boyfriend, Charlie, in the juvenile center and met Sergio there.

While Cabrera is busy trying to frame Sergio, fate does the job for him as Sergio gets into a scuffle with Eneko and his friends, giving Cabrera a reason to arrest him. Cabrera later reveals to Ana that there is more to this story.

Cabrera: Muted character explained 1
Ana confronts Cabrera for interfering in her experiment

Sergio is linked to another murder from three years ago; the murder of Beatriz’s boyfriend, Charlie. Greta, Ana’s second in command, looks into Charlie’s case and finds out that Sergio had nothing to do with Charlie’s death. The person who killed Charlie pleaded guilty. Charlie owed money to this person, and that’s why he got killed.

Sergio is later let go from prison when his tutor, Natanael, receives a video that shows Sergio didn’t start the fight with Eneko and his friends. Natanael forces Eneko to withdraw his statement, which results in Sergio’s release.

Cabrera manipulates Ana’s teammates

Ana starts taking Sergio’s case personally and makes questionable decisions. Her team begins doubting her when they start feeling like this experiment of theirs is turning into an attempt to prove that Sergio is innocent.

Cabrera uses this doubt and first brings Mikel from her team on his side. He pays Mikel to hack the hard drives of Ana’s system and delete the videos recovered by her. He then gets a bug installed in her office to overhear everything she plans to do.

Greta is the second person he brings to his side. He tells her how she can get Ana’s position once all of this is over. This sees Greta handing Cabrera the drugs Blanca used to treat Sergio.

Who is Cabrera working for?

Throughout the show, Cabrera meets a man named Aguirre from time to time and updates him about his mission. Aguirre is the same judge who handled Sergio’s case six years ago.

Cabrera: Muted character explained 2
Cabrera updates Aguirre about his mission

Cabrera gives Sergio’s drugs to Aguirre. Javier, Sergio’s father, used to collaborate with several laboratories running clinical trials. Ana believed one of these laboratories must have created this drug.

Aguirre is protecting the laboratories from coming under fire. Ana’s investigation may have exposed these laboratories. Therefore, Aguirre gets rid of these drugs once he gets his hands on them.

Why does Cabrera get arrested?

Mikel soon realizes that Cabrera is no better than Ana. Cabrera wanted to bring snipers to kill Sergio. Mikel warns Cabrera that no one inside Sergio’s apartment should get hurt, or else he will tell everyone what Cabrera is up to.

Cabrera says he is sure that Mikel won’t do such a thing because he is a coward. Mikel does muster up the courage. He calls Cabrera’s higher official to tell her that Cabrera bribed a researcher to erase evidence related to some laboratories.

As proof, Mikel still had one of the vials of Blanca’s drugs in his possession. At the end of Muted, when the cops circle Sergio’s apartment, they arrest Cabrera too.

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