Boss Baby: Back in the Crib season 2 summary & ending explained

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib season 2 follows Ted and Tina start a new Baby Love company called Untitled Templeton Project while new enemies emerge to present some of the toughest challenge to the two.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ted and Tina kick things off with a scrappy new startup termed as an Untitled Templeton Project, wherein amid the rivals out to take them out of competition before they can even get anything done, they have to contend with a risky client right off the bat.

Not making enough money, the Templetons find a new side gig: reforming naughty puppies. This lands them into other troubles but they end up making the most of it by the end. Meanwhile, Nannycam No Filter CEO Baby hires an English baby who ruins other babies’ lives for money; he goes by the name of Crispin Biscuits.

His schemes and mind games prove difficult for the Templetons but they eventually overcome them, before Biscuits takes off, promising to come back. The team contends with a fake moon landing next, with the Luxes posing a great challenge before finally coalescing with the Templetons to complete the objective.

Next up, JJ leaves her day-off behind to clean up after Tina’s delegating error, as she tries to save the adults who’ve gotten hooked on the sample special formula that turns them into babies. Following that, the Templetons come under heat for the exploding plush toys — another scheme of Biscuits — before Tina whips up a counter attack.

The next battle for the Templetons is the heat when the AC gets damaged, before Crispin Biscuits returns to change Precious’s allegiance. Up next is Uncle Benji, who’s visiting with his baby, and the news of his plans of becoming a federal agent, posing a threat to Boss Baby’s real identity.

Crispin Biscuits ruins Tina’s vacation before she snaps back and flips the script, before Biscuits returns, planning to rob the underwater Baby Bank, which he ends up robbing the entirety of. Following that, he alters the economy to reward Baby Hate.

Boss Baby takes the helm and in a final battle against Biscuits, he defeats him, turning him into an adult, only for Crispin Biscuits to inadvertently still deal a counter blow that sends Boss Baby to hide out in Canada. Adult baddies start turning into babies and deprive real babies of their essentials.

Tina and her assistant Aubrey try to expose Russ Tisdale as the criminal kingpin. Meanwhile, Boss Baby and others plan their way out of captivity. Aubrey inadvertently becomes a supervillain working to turn the adult baddies into babies.

Boss Baby strikes up a deal to hand over all the shrinkies to the feds in exchange for all charges against him being dropped. They eventually succeed in doing that Ted bids the family a farewell for a while as Tina makes up with Aubrey.

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib season 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens to Crispin Biscuits?

Crispin Biscuits is a smooth-talking European baby who’s profession, and sole purpose in life seems to be ruining lives of other babies for money. He poses as the biggest threat to the Templetons this season.

He begins his mastermind plans as a service to Nannycam No Filter CEO Baby, who hires him as part of her vengeance against Ted and Tina. However, he soon takes over her and turns her into a baby, before kicking his grand plans of destroying everything Ted and Tina hold dear.

Throughout the second season of Boss Baby: Back in the Crib, he makes many plans and schemes, only for the Templetons to strike back and eventually overcome the challenges Crispin presents. However, he always returns.

In the end, though, Boss Baby strikes back effectively when Tina gives a rousing speech that doesn’t get to Crispin, but does reach out to the Luxes, who switch alliance and help Ted in taking down Crispin, turning him into an adult.

Who are the Shrinkies?

Adult Crispin’s inadvertent exposé of Boss Baby’s real identity as the fugitive Theodore Templeton leads to a lot of chaos. Baby Corp suffers a crisis and Baby Love decreases as adult rich felons find a way to become babies through plastic surgeries, so they can keep doing their crimes while evading law enforcement effortlessly.

However, Tina ends up exposing the existence of the Shrinkies (a name Ted comes up with) to the media and the world, including Benji and the rest of the FBI, who now get on working and arresting the criminals. Tim and Carol work undercover to infiltrate the baby criminal underworld and meet Dr. Thubbeirhd, the plastic surgeon responsible for turning the felons into babies.

The rest of the gang arrive and stop Thubbeirhd from turning Tim and Carol into babies, also learning that he’s not a legitimate plastic surgeon and has been simply feeding his clients the super concentrated special formula of the Baby Corp, the orders of someone he is in contact with only via the phone.

At the other side of the phone is, as Tina and Ted eventually future out, none other than Aubrey, who gets misguided into becoming more and more ambitious when Tina forgets to set boundaries with her. Tina ultimately rectifies her mistake and with the help of others, fools the Shrinkies into getting captured and handed over to the FBI.

Does Ted get caught by the FBI?

Boss Baby’s real identity as the fugitive Theodore Templeton gets exposed to the FBI and the rest of the world when a clueless adult Crispin’s back reveals a detailed tattoo, describing how Theodore is hiding as a baby.

This results in Ted migrating to Canada to go into hiding and protect his family and the Templetons from the FBI. However, in doing so, he becomes incapable of helping Baby Corp when they face a dire crisis.

With the help of Henri, a vicious tracker bear, Ted gets captured by the FBI, along with Tim, JJ, Pip, and Homewrecker who ultimately gets them to break out of their captivity. They head off to the Ba-Ba town where Tina and her assistant Aubrey are working hard to get the criminal kingpin and the leader of the Baby Criminal underworld, Russ Tisdale, arrrested.

Ted’s offer to the FBI is to hand them over all the fake tiny felons after turning them back into their detainable adult selves. In exchange for it, they have to drop all the charges against him. They agree but when Tina’s disappearance is mistaken as a kidnapping, the feds have an excuse to overcome the mayoral preventions and enter Ba-Ba Town.

Boss Baby sends everyone away as he wishes to turn himself over to the FBI along with the fake tiny felons. But Tina remains, as she hatches a plan. She gets all then baby felons transported into a captivity in Canada via transport chupie bottles, while also firing Aubrey and sending her to a correctional facility of sort for the fired babies.

Ted shows the FBI proof that he’s got all the baby felons captured and will hand them over to them in exchange for all his charges being dropped, which the feds inform him will be dropped anyway after an adult Bradley confesses to have framed him for embezzlement.

At the end of Back in the Crib season 2, Boss Baby tags along the FBI entourage for a routine roundup.

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