Bon Namihira: T・P BON character explained

Bon Namihira becomes a Time Patrol agent after accidentally finding out about time travel. Akihisa Wakayama voices Bon.

Bon is an average student, not the most popular, but not the least popular either. He does not have any special interests; he is average at everything, and he likes that.

However, his days of being an ordinary student end when Bon comes across Ream and Buyoyon. He sees them reversing time.

Bon then finds Ream’s Time Boat and tries to ride it, which results in him traveling back in time, much to his surprise and confusion.

Bon is told that Ream is a Time Patrol agent, and Bon becomes aware of the organization that can travel through time and space.

A historically relevant boy

Bon is not supposed to know about time-traveling, but now that he does, Time Patrol decides to erase Bon’s existence to keep their secret safe.

However, they find out that Bon is historically relevant, which means that they cannot erase him and risk changing the course of history.

Bon imagines that he will do something extraordinary that changes the world, only to realize the truth is nothing like he imagined.

It begins with Bon kicking a rock while walking on the street. This rock hits a passerby, which leads to him chasing Bon.

While trying to find Bon, the man comes across a boy who has fallen into a well. The man saves the boy’s life just in time.

This boy recovers and pursues medicine later on in his life. He finds a cure for an intractable disease.

His cure then saves the life of a politician who goes on to avert a crisis that could have escalated into a third World War.

A seemingly thoughtless action by Bon sets off a chain of events that prevents a major crisis in the future, making Bon relevant to history.

Learning to be an agent

As Bon cannot be erased and he knows about Time Patrol, it is decided that Bon will join Time Patrol as an apprentice. He will work with Ream, who will be his instructor.

Initially, Bon does not understand the significance of all the rules that Time Patrol agents are supposed to follow. He is reckless and ends up breaking the rules quite often.

However, he comes to understand their importance once Ream tells him how his smallest actions can alter history in a huge way.

Bon then tries to rescue people without breaking the rules. While he is not the best agent, his determination to save lives earns him a promotion to associate agent.

T・P BON Bon Namihira
Bon takes risks to rescue an old woman

He makes several mistakes and comes close to changing the course of history, but he always corrects his mistakes and learns from them.

Bon gets to go on various adventures as a Time Patrol agent, but he cannot tell his friends about them. As a result, to others, Bon’s life seems average, though it is far from ordinary.

While working as an agent, Bon also forms a close bond with Ream. When Ream tells him about a dangerous mission, he does not hesitate to join her on it.

However, Ream and Bon’s partnership comes to an abrupt end when Ream informs him that she is transferring to the Anomaly Handling Unit.

Bon gets promoted. He is now an official Time Patrol agent, ready to go on missions on his own. However, the promotion does not make him happy, as he will no longer have Ream with him.

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