Bobzorb: Mulligan character explained

Bobzorb is a Cardibean who survived the invasion and hid out in Camp David until he saw Axatrax. Will Arnett voices the character.

Bobzorb is surprised and relieved to see Axatrax and he speaks of how he survived on his own.

Axatrax tells him to follow them to Washington so that they can figure out the next steps. Bobzorb hides out in the mothership that crashed into the White House.

When Axatrax says that the humans vastly outnumber them, Bobzorb suggests making their army by procreating.

He has recently turned female and Axatrax can fertilize his eggs being a male. Axatrax plays along till he can figure out what to do.

A lover scorned

Bobzorb goes out looking for nesting material and finds LaMarr instead. He takes him in to torture him and find out the humans’ weaknesses.

He ends up becoming friends with LaMarr after they realize how similar their ideas are to how society should function.

Bobzorb and Axatrax then mate and Axatrax takes the eggs to the Oval Office to destroy them.

He tells Matty that Bobzorb is currently resting and at their most vulnerable so it is the perfect time to kill them.

Bobzorb notices the missing eggs and goes out looking for them. He runs into Matty, who assumes he is Axatrax.

Bobzorb then learns the truth of Axatrax’s betrayal and that with their alien armor, the humans are no match for them.

He chooses to strike at Jeremy and Farrah’s wedding with Matty’s information, and promises to kill Axatrax last.

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