Tilley Arnold: Bridgerton character explained

Tilley Arnold is a Lady of the ton who forms a bond with Benedict Bridgerton. Hannah New plays the character

Lady Tilley Arnold makes herself known to everyone when she lectures them in support of the aeronaut at the fair.

Benedict takes particular interest in her and is taken by her boldness and intelligence. She is a widower who is enjoying her independence and Benedict pursues her romantically.

They have a casual affair that mostly involves sleeping with each other as Tilley doesn’t aspire for something serious.

A different perspective

After getting to know each other significantly, Tilley introduces Benedict to her friend Paul Suarez. The trio have dinner together since Tilley considers Paul a close friend.

During the dinner, Benedict feels a certain spark with Paul and finds him kissing Tilley later on. They invite Benedict to join them in the bedchamber but he rushes out of there.

Tilley asks Benedict for a chance to explain herself and tells him that she enjoys a casual relationship with Paul, while he is known to lay with both men and women.

Tilley Arnold: Bridgerton character explained 1
Tilley and Paul expand Benedict’s sexual boundaries

Benedict considers her proposal to enjoy their company together and eventually goes for it. They have fun together until Tilley finds herself falling for Benedict.

She tells him that even though she enjoyed her casual trysts, spending time with him has opened her eyes to a long-term commitment filled with love.

However, their relationship has had the opposite effect on Benedict as he wishes to explore his avenues further now that his mind has broadened.

She expresses some regret at the situation they find themselves in and thanks him for showing her so much love.

Tilley then suggests that their relationship might have run its course now that they differ in their aspirations.

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